About F. Kenneth

Writer ~ Author ~ Entrepreneur 

F. Kenneth Taylor Writer ~ Author ~ Entrepreneur
F. Kenneth Taylor
Writer ~ Author ~ Entrepreneur

F. Kenneth Taylor has 3 god-daughters; ages 7, 20, and 24, and has pursued writing since 2001. He has written for 2 online magazines, as well as Yahoo Voices, Hubpages, and Helium.

As a Freelance Writer of 4yrs; he has written 100s of articles on topics ranging from A to Z. He specializes in Press Releases, Web Content, Biographies, Interviewing, Social Media Marketing, Resumes, Editing, and so much more.  F. Kenneth Taylor writes in multiple styles and genres to enhance his credibility, worth, and audience.

F. Kenneth Taylor has self-published 5 books;

He was invited to Gateway Elem./Middle School (St. Louis, MO) in Feb. 2015 for Black History Month, in which he spoke to a small gathering of students and teachers about the importance of literacy.  He has appeared on KDHX 88.1fm’s Literature for the Halibut in Oct. 2012 and Mar. 2015.

F. Kenneth Taylor was also 1 of only 16 invited authors at the 8th Annual Author Shout Out hosted by St. Louis Public Library in Apr. 2015 and has made two appearances on Radio Personality, Tony Scott’s internet show, Talkin360.com.

In August 2014, F. Kenneth Taylor created and founded, Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC, an online publication that thrives for diversity and producing engaging content for all walks of life.  The publication also serves as a platform for aspiring writers across the U.S. and the world to showcase their talents, gain exposure, and let their voices be heard.

After a rather busy year of appearances and events, including a nomination for Author of the Year 2015 by AVADEWORLD and The St. Louis Star Awards, and a 4-page interview in the December 2015 issue of F.U.S.E Magazine; F. Kenneth Taylor dedicated 2016 to further developing Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC.  He has just released his newest book, “Aftermath II: A Mental Galaxy,” the long-overdue sequel to Aftermath: A Saga Begins.


A  FEW  FUN  FACTS: F. Kenneth Taylor Is…

  • A very accomplished artist
  • An avid music lover
  • A major player of Call of Duty: Black Ops II