About F. Kenneth

F. Kenneth Taylor has been a student of The Arts since his days as a young violinist.  As he grew older, he began to excel in writing, and would eventually grow into the Self-Published Author of 9 books that is today, with number 10 in the works. He works to expand his audience by writing in multiple genres including Urban-Drama, Sci-Fi, Poetry, and more.

            Before he became focused on writing, F. Kenneth Taylor’s first love was art.  Highly inspired by his late father, F. Kenneth Taylor returned to art in 2018 and quickly began to excel. He participated in the 2018 and 2019 Let Them Eat Art and ST. LAAAFAB Festivals, he held his first artist exhibition and began accepting commissions in 2019, and his work has been featured in two Urb Arts Exhibits; The 2019 ‘Abstract Pop-Up’ Exhibit and the 2021 ‘Balm’ Exhibit, as well as a solo exhibit at the Hope In Motion Gallery in 2022. In 2021, F. Kenneth Taylor registered his art brand and became, F. Kenneth Art, LLC.

            Through his writing, F. Kenneth Taylor began frequenting local poetry open mics briefly in the mid-late 90s before ultimately exiting the scene only to return to it in 2018. He hosted his own open mic show, ‘Poetic Vibez’, for 1yr before closing it and once frequenting local open mics. He was also the opening act of Kaiserrific’s, 2019 Kings of Poetry and performed at the 2019 and 2021, 100 Thousand Poets & Musicians for Change.

Finally, F. Kenneth Taylor constantly strives to feed his entrepreneurial drive in addition to the many other hats he wears. He was the Creator/Owner of Sum’n Unique Magazine, LLC, an online publication that he carried into print and collaborated with writers across the globe. He’s the Creator/Founder of the St. Louis Artist-Author Invitational (STLAAI), a platform designed to showcase some of St. Louis’ aspiring writers and artists. He also had a 7yr stint on BlogTalkRadio hosting several of his own internet radio shows. Today, F. Kenneth Taylor continues to expand upon his love for the Arts and entrepreneurship.