Susan Parker Rosen ~ Author

Good evening and welcome back to THE WRITER’S LOUNGE! I had the pleasure of speaking to tonight’s guest by phone yesterday, and she’s absolutely adorable! You all will truly enjoy her!  But let’s get this going, so put your feet up, listen to the music, and enjoy the interview. . .


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Susan Parker Rosen ~ Author
Susan Parker Rosen ~ Author


F. Kenneth/W.L: I always like to start off by having our guest tell us a little about themselves; do you have kids, grandkids, etc?  So with no further ado, I give you, Susan Parker Rosen! 

Susan: Never having children, my Pug (Effie) and my Pomchi (Nikki) plus my Kitty (Saki) are the babies in my life. They do not have children, so no grandchildren! 

F. Kenneth/W.L: Lol! Love those names!  If you don’t mind me asking – how long have you been married? 

Susan: Last year I was very fortunate to meet my soul mate right before I turned 63 in the fall. A month later, Tim proposed and I accepted. Again not wasting time we married on Valentines Day! People wonder how I happened to find a match this late in life. I feel we waited for each other even though we were both married before and had other relationships before meeting each other. My new husband and I endured many hardships, pain and joys before we met online. We are now married for a few months and every day is an adventure for us. Tim teaches adult education for those who are interested in Web Design and Graphic Design. Tim’s new mission will be to create a class to teach people how to Self-Publish (with my help of course!). We are both interested in home design and are looking to purchase a home and renovate it to our specifications, somewhere near the water; that’s a must! 

F. Kenneth/W.L: One month! Wow! Love at first sight, huh!? It really does exist!  Then, you guys married on Valentine’s Day!? Talk about a fairytale! – That’s wonderful! Congrats!  Its great Tim’s profession can compliment your work as a writer and author. I’ve been pretty interested in Graphic Designs myself. 

I know you’re a local Realtor in Delaware and a board member of a state-wide organization in which you manage and design the website ( – In addition to that, do you have any special talents; musical or artistic abilities? 

Susan: My special talent is writing. 

F. Kenneth/W.L: Got’cha – Ok, now you currently live in Delaware, but I understand you have also moved around quite a bit, what other states have you lived in? 

Susan: Residing close to the city of Philadelphia, as a child, my parents moved to New Jersey in the 60s. . .after high school, I moved back to Pennsylvania to be near the city! Florida also was a fascination for me. . .but the summers were too hot to handle and I moved back north to be near my old friends and family. . .My sales career led me to live in a company paid highrise on the Atlantic City Boardwalk with incredible views of the Atlantic, then on to Ocean City, MD, where I worked right on the bay and took in the sunsets every night. From there it’s been near the beach in Delaware!  

F. Kenneth/W.L: Wow! Quite the traveler! Alright, so tell us about your book, “The Bastard Child”

The Bastard Child By Susan Parker Rosen
The Bastard Child
By Susan Parker Rosen


Susan: It’s about a young woman, Sarah, who becomes deeply immersed in a thrilling, life-threatening, love-finding adventure when she discovers there isn’t any historical records of her great-grandmother  while researching her ancestry – What she finds will surprise readers! 

F. Kenneth/W.L: I told you this when we spoke over the phone, and I’ll say it again – Your book has a very interesting and intricate plot!

How did you come up with the idea for such a unique book? 

Susan: The idea came to me while I was actually researching my own ancestry, and through a dream or vision of my late Aunt encouraging me to document my findings – The next day I began writing the book. 

F. Kenneth/W.L: That’s fascinating! I say it all the time – You’ll be surprised where a writer’s inspiration derives from. – So where can we find The Bastard Child? 

Susan: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CreateSpace, etc


Contact Susan


Order “The Bastard Child”


I would sincerely like to thank Susan gracing THE WRITER’S LOUNGE this evening! Feel free to stop in anytime! You’re always welcomed here!

Here’s a little jazz piano to take us home. . .


“Georgia On My Mind” – Piano Version


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