Mahoganey Boss: Author ~ Graphic Artist ~ Publisher

Welcome back to THE WRITER’S LOUNGE! I’m so excited about today’s guest, but first, let’s set the mood. . .


Here’s Mary J. Blige – “No More Drama”





Mahoganey Boss ~ Author
Mahoganey Boss ~ Author


F. Kenneth/W.L: I am SO glad to have this sista on The Writer’s Lounge! We connected on Facebook over a year ago and have become like sister and brother. I have been trying to get her here for so long, and now I have – With no further ado, please welcome, my friend and homegirl, Mahogany Boss!

I already know this, but tell everybody else a little about M-Boss, where you grew up, any kids, etc…

Mahoganey: My names is Mahogany Boss. I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I am the daughter of a great God-fearing man who has encouraged me in this writing journey. My mother passed away 3 years ago, but told me to “live life to the fullest with all you got”… and I am! My greatest joy are my three wonderful sons, who jokingly calls me “Mother Nature” and I call them “My 3 Kings.” I am an 8 year Brain Aneurysm survivor and the author of two published books, “GOODNIGHT FIRST LADY” and “REPERCUSSIONS”.

F. Kenneth/W.L: “Mother Nature” and “My 3 Kings”, I like that, we need instill more encouragement like that into our kids today. Its wonderful that your mother was a profound inspiration to you. It’s always good to hear things like that.

So what do Mahoganey Boss do when she isn’t writing? What are some of your other hobbies and interests? 

Mahoganey: My quiet hobbies/interests that I find relaxing include daily meditation and attending church most Sundays, giving God the Praise and Glory…I also love to read, which ironically started the writing career. On the other hand, you can catch me, if you can, street-racing in my High Performance Mustang GT, known on the streets of Baton Rouge as The Beast….I’m a daredevil at heart and love a nice challenge… LOL! I also have an interest in jewelry design, which I look forward to sharing with everyone very soon.

F. Kenneth/W.L: Mediation and street-racing “The Beast”!? I never would’ve seen that one coming! Lol! All writers have their own little ritual they go through to start writing, what do you do to get in your “zone”?

Mahoganey: All of my writings, whether it’s a story or poetry, is usually done after taking a long walk first…I call this “exercising the mind”…..and then I will follow up with music that fits the mood I’m about to start writing in. At that point, what I envision is what I write.

F. Kenneth/W.L: Its always interesting to hear the different techniques and personal rituals writers embrace to prepare to write. I know you write in the Children’s and Erotica genres, do you have any other genres you prefer? Why those genres?

Mahogany: I don’t hold myself to any particular style or genre. I consider myself a “free-spirit” therefore I write in whatever genre I’m feeling at that time.

F. Kenneth/W.L: Nice, I don’t like being pinned down to one particular genre either; I think it just places limitations on a writer’s potential. How did you come up with the pen name, Mahogany Boss?

Mahoganey: LOL! I get asked that a lot, Ken! Okay, I love the race that I was born in, resulting in the chocolate color of my skin. It reminds me of the rich mahogany wood that is naturally shiny and needs little maintenance on its care and as it ages… add the letter “E” to make it more unique, you get MAHOGANEY… now Boss… well, that’s easy…..I’m a BOSS!

F. Kenneth/W.L: Lol! There you have it folks! Why do you enjoy writing?

Mahoganey: Writing allows me a kind of freedom to be any character I want without experiencing any of the real life repercussions. But I think my favorite part about writing is having control over every character, including “killing” them off when I get tired of one…LOL!

F. Kenneth/W.L: Okay, I’m not gonna lie – It is kinda fun to “kill off” a character when they start getting on your nerves! Lol! Are you among those who believe physical books will be totally extinct one day, and books will be 100% electronic?

Mahoganey: Definitely not a believer! Although eBooks have become popular and claim to be beneficial, nothing beats curling up with a good book, a drink, and a smile!

F. Kenneth/W.L: Now, I’ve already read it with my 4yr old god-daughter, but tell us about your book, “Goodnight First Lady”


Goodnight First Lady  By Mahoganey Boss
Goodnight First Lady
By Mahoganey Boss


Mahoganey: Goodnight First Lady is a children’s book honoring our First Lady, Michelle Obama. It tells the story of Arielle, a 3rd grader whose daddy becomes ill, but before he dies, he tells his daughter that her dreams really can come true… if she just believes. Will her dream of ever meeting First Lady Michelle Obama come true or will it continue to be just a dream? This book is in its 2nd Edition and will be re-released again this year.

F. Kenneth/W.L: I like that, I don’t think enough credit and recognition is given to Barrack and Michelle. Way to go! Who or what inspired “Goodnight First Lady”?

Mahoganey: My mama was the inspiration behind this book. When I was a little girl, she always told me I could be whatever I wanted to be when I grew up. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2011, a year before President Obama entered his second term as the first Black President of the United States. She wanted Obama to win again, but she knew she may not be around to witness this double history in the making; Black History and United States History. This book is dedicated to my mom, Cupid…. My First Lady.

F. Kenneth/W.L: I love your sense of family and the way you honor your mother. Now you have another book on the way; without giving too much away, can you tell us anything about your new book?

Mahoganey: My next soon-to-be-released book is titled “Repercussions.” It is the first of a trilogy which sets the foundation for the next two books of the Nina and Neco series. If I had to pick a genre, it would be the Urban/Street-Lit genre. “Repercussions” is a drama, suspense-filled saga of a good marriage gone wrong.


Repercussions By Mahoganey Boss
By Mahoganey Boss


F. Kenneth/W.L: I can’t wait to cop “Repercussions”! I would like to sincerely thank Mahoganey Boss for stopping by THE WRITER’S LOUNGE today. So glad to have you, and you know you’re always welcomed back!


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