Florencia Freeman aka “Flo-Free-Mac”: Author ~ Writer

Good afternoon everybody! Welcome to the Grand Re-Opening of THE WRITER’S LOUNGE! Let’s kick things off like we never lost a beat! You know what we always do around this time — HIT THE PLAY BUTTON! — Gettin’ things started for us today is a hot track from PINK, “Don’t Let Me Get Me”, think you all will like this song!





Florencia Freeman (Flo Free-Mac): Writer ~ Author
Florencia Freeman (Flo Free-Mac):
Writer ~ Author


F. Kenneth Taylor/W.L:  Yes, I know it’s been a while, but as you can see, THE WRITER’S LOUNGE is back in business, and I have a fresh line-up of new writers and authors scheduled to make appearances at THE WRITER’S LOUNGE! The first of which, is today’s guest, a “Country-Girl”, as she put it, and newly published author, FLORENCIA FREEMAN, but you can just call her, “Flo Free-Mac”! Yep, that’s right, she has her own ‘Southern-Swag’ going on! But it’s time for me to hush and let her talk!

Flo Free-Mac: Yeah, I’m a country-city girl born in Lafayette, LA and raised in both Ville Platte, LA and Baton Rouge, LA who loves to read, write, and listen to music. I currently live in Baker, LA with my husband and 4 year old son with a little girl on the way. In addition to working on other novels I am currently finishing up my Masters in Elementary Education for graduation in December. I chose “Don’t Let Me Get Me” by Pink because it is one of my favorite songs of all times and in a comical way it describes me and how I felt when I first started writing. Please don’t laugh!

F. Kenneth Taylor/W.L: Lol! Pink is cool, I like her personality. I’m a major music lover myself, I listen to a little of everything. Congrats on the “little-bundle” en-route to become the newest family member, and congrats on earning your Masters! Way to go! So tell us how you got into writing.

Flo Free-Mac: I’ve always had a vivid imagination and spent a lot of time daydreaming.

F. Kenneth Taylor/W.L: So, your childhood imagination is what sparked the writer in you!?  There’s nothing like a kid’s imagination.

Flo Free-Mac: I also went through a rough period which caused me to start writing a journal–visualizing how my life should have been.  I wrote about whatever came to my mind; happy, sad, angry, and fictitious.

F. Kenneth Taylor/W.L: I see. We all have our share of trials and tribulations, but I think they’re only there to make us stronger in the long run. Writing is always good outlet to releasing and expressing whatever emotions you may have within you. Good to see you made it through and you’re here with us today. So how long have you been writing? Quite a while, huh!?

Flo Free-Mac: I loved to read as a kid, and eventually I started having the desire to do writing of my own. I think I started between the ages of 8 and 10; writing poems, skits, songs, and short stories. By the time I was 13, I was writing full-length stories and plays. I developed my pen name “Free-Mac” from the shortening of my maiden name, Freeman, and my married name, McDonald, because I wanted to have a “jazzy” name on my book covers.

F. Kenneth Taylor/W.L: Wow!  8yrs old!  Yeah, that’s definitely an early start!  And full-length plays and stories by 13!  You are a true vet!  I started at about 12 or 13 by writing raps, and by the time I was in college, I was doing poetry, spoken-word, and open mics, then, in 2001, I wrote my first manuscript.  I like “Flo Free-Mac”, and you did the right thing by using it—you gotta find or have a “niche” or something “unique” about you and your work in this business. Do you have a favorite style or genre you prefer to write in?

Flo Free-Mac: I write both fiction and non-fiction using real issues affecting people in the world as well as myself.  Most of the work that I have done so far has either been Urban-Drama or Inspirational.  Lately, I’ve been working my wild imagination and broadening my horizons by jotting down ideas for Children’s, Teen/Young-Adult, Crime, and Mystery/Suspense novels.

F. Kenneth Taylor/W.L: Nice.  I’m a fan of Sci-Fi, Dystopian, and Urban-Drama myself. I’m starting to get into Crime/Suspense, but I don’t think I could do a Children’s book.  So when you pick up a book to read, which authors or writers do you prefer?

Flo Free-Mac: Wow, I have so many favorites; Kimberly Lawson Roby, Wahida Clark, Eric Jerome Dickey, Leila Jefferson, Mary B. Morrison, Shameek Speight, Nika Michelle, Nisa Santiago, E. Lynn Harris, RM Johnson, Joyce Meyer, T. D. Jakes, Tyler Perry, Je’Carious Johnson—Oh! I forgot to say ME!

F. Kenneth Taylor/W.L: Nice list, I really like Keith Lee Johnson and Sister Souljah.  There’s nothing wrong with placing yourself in your favorite writers/authors list—you gotta believe in yourself before anyone else will. Alright, your book, “Shoulda Just Killed Me”—very interesting, attention-getting title. Tell us a little about it.

Flo Free-Mac: It’s about a young girl named Trinity, who has been through just about everything you can imagine someone going through. She travels down a dark road and ends up making several bad choices because she just feels like life has been, and always will be bad for her.  For someone like her, the thought that constantly comes to mind is—why did I live this long just to go through so much bad stuff?

F. Kenneth Taylor/W.L: Hmm, Trinity, that’s a name of Divinity, and if that’s the case, I know she’s gonna see things through and come out on top—We’re rooting for you Trinity! Sounds like “Shoulda Just Killed Me”, will be a noteworthy read—How did the book/story come about?

Flo Free-Mac: I actually had the idea about 10 years ago when I was going through some things, and things I had seen and heard other people experience.  Then, when I started using my life to counsel at-risk teens, I began to meet so many kids who had gone through the most unimaginable things. I wrote the book for me, those kids I have met, and the ones that I haven’t met who have gone through the worst of the worst and feel like no one understands.

F. Kenneth Taylor/W.L: What a powerful source for inspiration.  Free-Mac, I don’t think you’ve realized what kind of influence you’ve been to and for those kids—and I’m not just saying that—I’m mean it—people of look upon “trouble kids” as just that—trouble. No one ever really lends a sympathetic ear—it never seems to don on them to try and get to the “root” of why “this” kid or “that” kid acts or behaves “this” way or “that” way. Unfortunately, 9 of 10 times, that’s all those kids need and want—someone to be there for them. I tip my hat to you for stepping up into that role.

Flo Free-Mac: Precisely.

F. Kenneth Taylor/W.L: Tell us where we can find “Shoulda Just Killed Me”.

Flo Free-Mac: It’s available in paperback and/or eBook on Amazon at the link below or by emailing me atfreemac225@gmail.com for a Paperback copy.


Order “Just Shoulda Killed Me” on Amazon now!

"Shoulda Just Killed Me" Written by Flo Free-Mac
“Shoulda Just Killed Me”
Written by Flo Free-Mac


F. Kenneth Taylor/W.L: There it is people—so don’t sleep on this! Pick up your copy of “Shoulda Just Killed Me” by Flo Free-Mac today! In closing, I would like to thank Flo Free-Mac for stopping by THE WRITER’S LOUNGE today and spending time with us. Free-Mac, you are always welcomed here. I also want to thank all of you for visiting and meeting Flo Free-Mac, so show her some love and hit that “Like” button, leave comments and questions for her, “share” this link, and get your copy of Shoulda Just Killed Me”.






F. Kenneth Taylor/W.L: Let’s close out with one of my new favorite, “feel-good” songs by Pitbull and Christina Aguilera, “Feel This Moment”.



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