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Welcome back to THE WRITER’S LOUNGE! Thank you all for coming, we’re glad you made it! Step to the bar, grab your drinks, take a few sips, put your feet up and relax! Today we have a very interesting and unique guest unlike any other that has stepped into the Writer’s Lounge, put first, a personal pick by today’s guest and a blast from the past. . .


Men Without Hats – “The Safety Dance”





Ian Thomas Malone ~ Author
Ian Thomas Malone ~ Author


F. Kenneth/W.L: Ian, welcome to The Writer’s Lounge, I appreciate you lending us your time, and we’re glad to have you. After reading your bio, which is pretty interesting, I really wanted to get you in as soon as possible.

You’re from Greenwich, CT and you majored in English at Boston College where you founded “The Rock at Boston College” – Tell us about “The Rock”

Ian: The Rock is Boston College’s number one alternative publication. It was founded to provide students with a forum without the usual restrictions of an average newspaper. I’ve loved what the current generation has done with it.

F. Kenneth/W.L: Congrats on officially becoming part of the university’s history—nice! Your grandfather, Col. John Lisenmeyer, was pretty well-known as a “Sherlockian Scholar”? – Can you tell us what a Sherlockian Scholar is? I presume he knew quite a bit about Sherlock Holmes?

Ian: The Colonel is one of the preeminent scholars of Sherlock Holmes. He travels all over North America giving talks on various findings within the Sherlockian canon. I share a similar enjoyment with George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series.

F. Kenneth/W.L: Wow, that’s pretty interesting. Okay, now I have to ask about this – In your bio, you mentioned you have a stuffed animal collection? Please enlighten.

Ian: I have too many. Or not enough depending on how you want to look at it. They’re fun. Each has its own story and I like to take pictures of them doing silly things.

F. Kenneth/W.L: Now that’s one you don’t hear about everyday—cool! And you’re also a Yoga instructor? I imagine that should be pretty fun, and you probably meet quite a few beautiful women, huh? Okay, seriously, how long have you been teaching Yoga?

Ian: Two and a half years. I trained at South Boston Yoga. Their teacher training was very thorough and really transformed my practice.

F. Kenneth/W.L: Yoga still ranks high as one of the best ways to relieve stress and stay fit. It also takes a pretty well-disciplined person to be an instructor—tip my hat to you on that. So how’s “Georgie” these days?

Ian: Georgie’s great. She loves to go swimming in frigid water for whatever reason. I suppose Golden Retrievers like the water no matter the temperature. She likes the snow too, until her paws get cold.

F. Kenneth Taylor/W.L: Lol! That’s “Man’s-best-friend!” You also enjoy Water Polo? Besides the fact it’s played in the water; what’s the biggest difference between Water Polo vs. Polo?

Ian: No horse sadly. I actually grew up watching polo. Fascinating sport. Water polo is more like a cross between hockey, basketball, and rugby in terms of strategy, alignment and violence. Polo is the more difficult sport, but water polo is rougher. 

F. Kenneth/W.L: I didn’t realize Polo, water or otherwise, could be that brutal. You know, they get pretty physical in hockey, so I can imagine.

Now, you have literally published 1000s of articles on everything from baseball and pop culture to social issues and topics, etc… How did you develop such a vast and diverse range of genres?

Ian: I like to stay informed. Certain interests of mine develop over time, and some don’t take too much effort to maintain. I don’t need to do a ton of research to write about a show like Downton Abbey for instance, while articles about Game of Thrones typically take much longer.

Social articles are usually spur of the moment as well. Baseball has always been a strong passion of mine. So much of it changes and yet, it’s still fundamentally the same game that legends like Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb played decades before I was born.

F. Kenneth Taylor/W.L: Well, you know what they say. . . “You’re never too old to learn”. I think it’s good to explore different things. It can expose you to an entirely new world sometimes.

Given the title, your book, seems to be an autobiography or a collection of memoirs?


A Trip Down Reality Lane By Ian Thomas Malone
A Trip Down Reality Lane
By Ian Thomas Malone


Ian: That’s what I tried to achieve with the style. I wanted it to feel like the narrator was speaking directly to the audience and I think that was accomplished.

F. Kenneth/W.L: I haven’t read it, but judging from your experience, I’m sure it lives up to all your expectations, but then again, sometimes we’re our own, worst critic. Tell us a little more about “A Trip Down Reality Lane”.

Ian: It’s a psychedelic coming of age story! I wanted to explore the growing culture of youthful indecisiveness in a way that no one had ever done before. It’s comedic and thought-provoking at the same time (I hope).

F. Kenneth/W.L: Psychedelic, now that’s a word I haven’t heard in a long time. Yeah, I’m a 70s baby! Lol! The title sounds interesting – Why a trip down “reality lane” and not “memory lane”? What inspired the title?

Ian: The “trip” refers to the acid trip. The title is a play on “a trip down memory lane,” except I substituted reality since it’s a coming of age story featuring the narrator coming to grips with his own future. A dose of reality showered in psychedelic.

F. Kenneth Taylor/W.L: What or who influenced you to write the book?

Ian: I’ve always been influenced by the 60s, Summer of Love Movement. Capturing the free spirit element was crucial toward driving home the narrator’s need for clarity. There’s a little Hunter S. Thompson and Jack Kerouac in there as well.

F. Kenneth Taylor/W.L: Okay, I like that. In your opinion; what’s the best thing about “A Trip Down Reality Lane”?

Ian: It’s relatable. The characters might be tripping, but it’s rooted in problems we all face. It provides a different perspective in a way that’s entertaining and not preachy.

F. Kenneth/W.L: Yeah, no matter what year, decade, or century it is; the same, core necessities and personal and societal difficulties will always be present. Where can our readers find “A Trip Down Reality Lane?”

Ian: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. . .

F. Kenneth/W.L: I’d like to thank Ian Thomas Malone for dropping in The Writer’s Lounge today, and I hope to see all of you next Friday, when we’ll have a very special guest.


A Trip Down Reality Lane By Ian Thomas Malone
A Trip Down Reality Lane
By Ian Thomas Malone







Here’s one of my favorite throwbacks to take us out. . .

Michael Jackson – “Smooth Criminal”



Mahoganey Boss ~ Mar. 13th, 2015

Ralan “Ellamental” Tehuti ~ Mar. 20th, 2015


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