Debra Robinson: Author ~ Musician ~ Psychic

Good evening, and welcome to the debut and Grand Opening of THE  WRITER’S  LOUNGE!!  Thank you all for coming.  The WL is the place to come to meet new, aspiring writers, poets, authors, and singers/songwriters.  Tonight, we’ll be featuring, Debra Robinson, an author, musician, and psychic from Ohio!  Please show your appreciation for Debra, and give her a warm welcoming!

The following song holds very near and close to Debra, as it was written and performed by her late son, James.




Debra Robinson Author of "A Haunted Life: The True Ghost Story of A Reluctant Psychic"
Debra Robinson
Author of
“A Haunted Life: The True Ghost Story of A Reluctant Psychic”

F. Kenneth Taylor/WL:

Thanks Debra for being one of the firsts to work with me on this, I appreciate it.  So, tell us about a little about you.


I grew up in small-town Ohio, in a religious family who moved a lot. We moved into a haunted house at age 14, and I spent three terror-filled years dealing with this, which changed my life forever. I knew then, that there was more than they were telling us-and began to study the paranormal. At the same time, to mentally escape the haunting, I started playing guitar and singing. This led to a professional career in music as well.

F. Kenneth Taylor/WL:

I’ve read your answer about a dozen times now, and your story still amazes me.  How did you begin writing?


I began writing poetry in middle school, and then moved to songwriting. I carry on careers in music publishing as well as being a psychic and an author. Most recently, placing a song in the Matthew McConaughey redband movie trailer for “Killer Joe”. My son James (only child) also a musician, was killed by a drunk driver in Aug 09, at age 24. Then my father committed suicide shortly after—this left me a mess as you might imagine. But when they both began to come back after they died, I decided to write it all down and the result was “A Haunted Life: The True Ghost Story of a Reluctant Psychic.” I was offered a contract with Llewellyn Worldwide Publishing last summer, and the book will be released this July 8th, 2013.

F. Kenneth Taylor/WL:

Once again, I offer my deepest and most sincere sympathies.  Can I ask how long have you been writing?


I’ve been writing since I was 14, in one form or another-but this book was my first full length book. I’ve just finished a paranormal romance, and am working on a Cozy mystery as well as a nonfiction follow up to A Haunted Life for Llewellyn Worldwide.

F. Kenneth Taylor/WL:

I’ve thought about a mystery, but I think I’ll wind up getting myself confused.  You’re working on a sequel already?  You must be a fast-paced writer.  Once I get a concept/notion, in my head, and I know where I’m going with things, it’s hard for me to slow down.  So what other style(s)/genre(s) do you write in?


So far, Non-Fiction/Narrative Non-Fiction, Paranormal Romance, and Mystery. I ‘m trying my hand at them all as an experiment!

F. Kenneth Taylor/WL:

I like to write in a lot of different genres and styles too, I just think it’s makes you an overall better writer, and it doesn’t allow you to place limitations upon yourself.  Who are your favorite authors/writers?


My all time favorite is older Stephen King books. I also like his son’s horror, Joe Hill.

F. Kenneth Taylor/WL:

So tell us about “A Haunted Life: The True Ghost Story of A Reluctant Psychic”


I was descended from Alice Nutter, one of the Lancashire witches hung by King James in 1612. The psychic gift runs in my mom’s family, though they were religious and believed it was God’s gift. I would enjoy life more without it, but that’s not an option. I also speculate that this sort of gift can attract evil to you; hence the haunted house and other tragedies in my life. I learned to slowly deal with it, and the book tells many of the things that happened over the years, the coming to terms with it, and eventually embracing it as best I could.

F. Kenneth Taylor/WL:

I’m still in awe–that’s a very rich (in character) and deep-seeded bloodline and ancestry.  What gave you the idea for “A Haunted Life: The True Ghost Story of A Reluctant Psychic”?


The deaths of my son and father, and trying to come to terms, once and for all, with the afterlife and with a gift/curse like mine-asking the question—is it good or evil?

F. Kenneth Taylor/WL:

Time reveals all things.  When/where will “A Haunted Life: The True Story of A Reluctant Psychic be available”?


It will be on bookshelves worldwide July 8th 2013, and is available for preorder at. . .,

The direct link is. . . 1&keywords=a+haunted+life+debra+robinson

Available Now"A Haunted Life: The True Ghost Story of A Reluctant Psychicby Debra Robinson
Available Now
“A Haunted Life: The True Ghost Story of A Reluctant Psychic
by Debra Robinson

F. Kenneth Taylor/WL:

Once again, I sincerely thank you Debra for quickly jumping onboard and participating, and especially for sharing some very personal difficulties and moments of your life.  You are truly appreciated.  I will like to thank everyone else for stopping by and taking time to read Debra’s Interview.  I value and appreciate you all!



And now. . .Dana Owens (Queen Latifah) ft. Al Green with “Simply Beautiful”.  Goodnight!


6 thoughts on “Debra Robinson: Author ~ Musician ~ Psychic

  1. Thank you all for your kindness…yes, it’s been quite a roller coaster for the past couple years…but I believe I was given this new “career’ of wriitng,, to help me get through the losses….I have learned how strong we all are, though we never know that until these kinds of things happen…I hope you will check out the book, and support Kenneth as well, for this great idea of the “Writer’s lounge”!

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