Antwan Floyd Sr: Author ~ Graphic Artist ~ Business Owner

Welcome to The Writer’s Lounge! I’m really glad you’re all here; it’s been a real fight for me to revitalize this portion of my WP site, as well as get more of the fellas involved, so I appreciate your participation.

We have a real, multi-talented and business-orientated brotha with us today, but before I introduce him, you all know The Writer’s Lounge always kick things off with some smooth sounds to get you all relaxed while you sip on some’n the kids can’t.

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Antwan Floyd Sr. Author ~ Graphic Artist ~ Business Owner
Antwan Floyd Sr.
Author ~ Graphic Artist ~ Business Owner


F. Kenneth/W.L: First off, welcome to The Writer’s Lounge, and thanks for being here. I truly appreciate it, and as mentioned, I’ve really been wanting to get more brothas, and overall male writers and authors involved. Thanks again.

So, tell us a little about yourself; where you grew up, kids? etc…

Antwan: Thanks for having me. I was born in Chicago, grew up in Minneapolis – Used to go back every summer all the way up until High School. I moved to Indianapolis two years ago.

F. Kenneth/W.L: I lived in Chi-Town for a little over a year from 2004 to 2005; I couldn’t stand the tolls and traffic, and eventually came back to St. Louis.

When did you start writing? Is it something you’ve always wanted to do?

Antwan: Over twenty years. I started at 15 years old or so. Writing raps, then moved on to poetry as I got older and began doing spoken word. Wrote a screenplay back in 2007-2008 that I converted into my first novel, “Crew Love”, that I released in 2009.

F. Kenneth/W.L: That’s pretty much how I got started; first rapping, then then poetry and Spoken Word; and since I wrote my first manuscript in 2001, and never looked back. What genres do you typically write in? Why?

Antwan: I started in Urban-Fiction, but my latest two releases have both been in the Crime-Fiction genre. I felt as if the Urban-Fiction genre was becoming over saturated. By switching I can broaden my scope of creativity and fan base.

F. Kenneth/W.L: I’m not gonna lie, I would like to see more Black authors and writers expand from Urban-Drama/Urban-Fiction to other genres, but I understand their logic—it draws the Black audience.

So how did you get into Graphic Designing?

Antwan: I wanted to save money—graphic designers are expensive so I bought Photoshop and taught myself through watching YouTube videos.

F. Kenneth/W.L: Nice. I love the initiative. You also started your own publishing company, Bleeding Pen Publishing? Tell us a little more about that.

Antwan: When I first decided to write a book, I did a lot of research on self-publishing versus submitting to publishing houses. . .I liked the freedom that comes with dropping books that I like, when I like, so I went the self-publishing route.

F. Kenneth/W.L: Freedom to write my books my way, and the ability to drop one at anytime without a bunch of hassles are two of the biggest reasons I prefer self-publishing.

Do you find the writing industry more challenging as a writer and author, or as a publisher?

Antwan: Yes, I have to switch my brain to different functions. When I write, I use my creative side. Then, I have to switch to marketing mode. Then, switch to the social mode when doing book signings or communicating with readers through social media platforms. I don’t have an agent so I set up my book signings and interviews and travel arraignments and such. But it’s all worth it.

F. Kenneth/W.L: Man, I totally relate. Like you said, when I’m writing a book, it’s all about me, and I could be as creative as I want. When I’m Freelancing, it’s all about my clients, and what they want. When I’m publishing, networking, and arranging events; I’m in business-mode. But like you said—it’s all worth it.

So is Bleeding Pen Publishing a vanity press?  How can an aspiring writer/author get published with Bleeding Pen?

Antwan: No, Bleeding Pen Publishing is not a vanity press; I would never charge an author to publish them. I am not currently accepting any submissions at this point. Perhaps some time in the future.

F. Kenneth/W.L: That’s great, I like that you don’t charge aspiring authors. I don’t think most people truly realize how difficult it is for a new, undiscovered and unpublished author.

Alright, every since I saw the cover, I’ve been waiting to hear about your book, “Danielle Lovelace: Vigilante For Hire” – Judging by the cover, this sista look like she bout it.

Danielle Lovelace: Vigilante for Hire By Antwan Floyd Sr.
Danielle Lovelace: Vigilante for Hire
By Antwan Floyd Sr.

Antwan: Danielle Irving was an over achiever all of her young life. . .She joined the FBI as a Special Victims Specialist. . .Life couldn’t get any better until. . .her rambunctious sister is missing. . .She travels to Cologne, Germany to find her and bring her home.

While there, she’s almost killed and framed for murder. . .thrust into the world of murder and espionage, the truth often masquerades as a lie. Will she find her sister and make it back to the states before she’s arrested or killed? The first in a trilogy, “Danielle Lovelace: Vigilante for Hire”, is an Urban-Thriller that catapults the reader from one country to the next. . .When everything is on the line she will have to decide for herself if she’s a heroine for the people or a vigilante for hire.

F. Kenneth Taylor/W.L: Wow, that’s pretty deep! I like it! Where did the idea for the book come from?

Antwan: I wanted to write a story with a strong Black heroine as the protagonist. I wanted her to be flawed so I made her a vigilante—she borders between good and evil as far as her morals go. Wanted a Black female Bourne Identity type character.

F. Kenneth/W.L: A Black, female Jason BourneOkay, I can roll with it! Bonus points for originality! Are any of the story’s characters based off actual people or events?

Antwan: As far the story goes, no. But the character of Danielle, her personality are bits and pieces of all the women that I’ve come in contact with throughout my life.

F. Kenneth/W.L: Okay, that’s one way to create an interesting character. And this is only the first book of a trilogy, right?

Antwan: Yes, thus far I have planned a trilogy, but who knows. . .there may be more to come.

F. Kenneth/W.L: When and/or where can we find “Danielle Lovelace: Vigilante for Hire”?

Antwan: It will be available for download via on March 11th or you can get an autographed copy through my website

F. Kenneth/W.L: Alright, I want to thank Antwan Floyd Sr. for joining us today at The Writer’s Lounge! Don’t forget to look for “Danielle Lovelace: Vigilante for Hire” in a few weeks on Mar. 11th, 2015


Connect with Antwan Floyd Sr. at. . .


Danielle Lovelace: Vigilante for Hire By Antwan Floyd Sr.
Danielle Lovelace: Vigilante for Hire
By Antwan Floyd Sr.


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