Welcome to the Writer’s Lounge!  Thanks for stopping by!  Before I go any farther, I need you to do two things;

1. Hit the ‘play’ button on Charlie Wilson’s video, we can set the ‘vibe’ (no, seriously…Do it!…Now!)

. . .And now. . .Charlie Wilson!

2. Isn’t that better? (of course it is).  Now, I just kick back, relax & explore the Writer’s Lounge!

THE  WRITER’S LOUNGE is a Blog-Hosting theme I thought of after networking with some of my Connections at LinkedIn.  It features a spotlight for new, undiscovered, or newly published authors, writers, singer/songwriters, and poets, etc…  The concept is simple–I feature up-and-coming writers, such as myself, on The Writer’s Lounge, and they return the favor by allowing me a spotlight on their blog.  This way, we’re not only expanding our potential audience, and gaining more exposure, but we’re also helping, networking, and supporting each other–very crucial things for new writers, etc…

The spotlight will be done in a Q & A, interview-style format, and will include pictures, videos, and links about the writer, and their work.  I know Blog-Hosting isn’t new, but this is my first ‘go-round‘ at it, so I’m learning and experimenting as I go along.  Nonetheless, I have a really good feeling about this, and think it will definitely catch-on, and if it does as well as I believe it can, I would like to do the same thing with blogs.  So if any of my fellow WP bloggers, have any experience with this, please feel free to leave any suggestions, advice, and tips!  Thanks again for reading!  You’re all appreciated!  Please visit regularly for updates and changes!

Thank you for visiting the WRITER’S  LOUNGE!

. . .And here’s Rebecca Ferguson taking us out with something sultry, nice and smooth!


5 thoughts on “THE WRITER’S LOUNGE

  1. Hi Kenneth, my novel is Iceburg,fictional Myster&Adventure YA. Please Google Cynthia W. Hammer,author I would like to do a interview with you I’m sure I can support your work in some way. Please email me,where I can find the questions.

  2. Hi Kenneth, wanted to let you know that my book has been published! in case you forgot it is called,”Ill Always Remember the Robert Taylor Homes. I thought that it would be a nice way to get the word out especially since the most infamous housing ghetto was torn down but you seem to have only celebs here are there any places for people like me who are not yet famous but am not planning to stop until I have seen my book through. Is there a place for me ? just wanted to cut to the chase and not get my hopes up or waste your time and mine. Thanks for inviting me to your site. iT is veryyyyyyy high class!

    1. 4misty1,

      Hello & thanks for stopping by. I’m having a hard time remembering your book, did we meet on LinkedIn? Nonetheless, I’m truly glad you’re here and have an interest in the W.L., so let me tell you a little more about it.

      1. There are absolutely no celebs on the W.L–I made it for us–aspiring writer’s/musicians, etc… So the W.L. IS EXACTLY for you!

      2. Originally, it was supposed to be a ‘favor-for-a-favor’ deal; I host other writers, etc on my blog, and in return, they host me, and we all reach a few more people than before. But I’ve only had 1 person that’s willing to return the favor, so I think, I’ll just keep doing it without asking for the returned favor, I don’t mind & plus I believe once I get enough people on it, the word will eventually spread.

      3. For me to feature you, just email me your answers to the interview questions, list any links related to your writing and-or your book, and attach 1 picture of yourself, and 1 picture for the book (i.e. cover), and I’ll piece it all together, and will let you know a couple days before I post your interview.

      4. Don’t expect a ton of exposure from this, I’m not a celeb either, remember? Lol! I’m still working to get my name out as well. I just figured I can try and help others do it too since I know how hard it is.

      5. I’ve created an entire blog for THE WRITER’S LOUNGE, and I’m in DESPERATE NEED of followers, interviewees, ‘likes’, comments, the whole 9, so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, stop by, follow, and feel free to comment on the other interviews–I would truly appreciate it! Here’s the link;

      6. Finally, if you’re on LinkedIn, inbox me for my email address, and the interview questions if you don’t already have them. Title the subject line: THE WRITER’S LOUNGE: (your name).

      Thanks again! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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