Shadow Within A City


Genre: Dystopian, Suspense-Drama, Sci-Fi

Publisher: CreateSpace/On-Demand Publishing, LLC

Publish Date: Aug. 2013 (2nd Ed.)

Shadow Within A City by F. Kenneth Taylor & K.G Bethlehem Available on
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It’s a gritty, dystopian world consumed with ‘Big-Brother‘ technology in an urban metropolis best described as the new Hell’s Kitchen. Its an illusion of freedom in a city plagued with political unrest, government cover-ups, and an unimaginable crime rate. Fortunately, the city has a new hero, or anti-hero, ShadowKill. Granted with supernatural abilities after involuntarily becoming the subject of a genetic experiment, ShadowKill begins a merciless quest to incinerate the criminal element of the city. As a solid, shadowy entity, ShadowKill’s quest takes it’s dominance, and leaves his presence felt, until he encounters something unexpected — BloodOath.

“Shadow Within A City” was co-authored with K.G Bethlehem (kgbethlehem) and the first book of an extended series.  The idea derived from the Dark Comic series I co-wrote with K. G Bethlehem between 2002 and 2004, entitled, “ShadowKill”.  Although we wrote a total of 50+ issues of the series; unfortunately, the only issue that made it to actual publication in 2004 was Issue #1.

In late 2010, K.G and myself began discussing the possibility of converting the “ShadowKill” dark-comic series into a book/novel format which would become its own series.  In early 2011, we began writing the 1st book which covers the first 15 issues of the comic series.  For copyright matters we entitled the book, “Shadow Within A City: The Gangland Saga”.  In September, 2012, the book was published with Lulu Enterprises, Inc./Lulu Press, Inc (, however, in February 2013, we removed the book from the sales market for revisions and re-published it 6 months later as the current “2nd Edition” with a new publisher; CreateSpace/On-Demand Publishing, LLC (an Amazon Group Company).


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