Serpents & Honor


Genre: Action/Adventure, Martial-Arts

Publisher: Lulu Enterprises, Inc & Lulu Press, Inc

Publish Date: June 2014

"Serpents & Honor" on
“Serpents & Honor” on

Serpents & Honor is my fourth published book, but my 1st short-story.  The idea and concept came about while working on “Shadow Within A City” with co-author, K.G Bethlehem (Astronomical, Shadow Within A City, Avenging Knights: Rebirth of Lost Honor).  We first meet our protagonist and antagonist in “Shadow Within A City”, and soon learn that there’s a bitter history and/or rivalry among them, but both are mysterious characters with hidden and clouded pasts.  Due to my fast-paced, in-your-face style of writing, K.G. had been suggesting for quite some time that I try my hand at writing short-stories.  We both agreed that our protagonist and antagonist needed their own book, and that it would be a good write, and good practice for me writing short-stories.

“Serpents & Honor” is the deadly tale of the origins of a bitter Martial Arts feud between Chono Soto and Matrix Ito.  Chono is an honorable man; the offspring of two superb martial artists, and a highly decorated soldier and special agent with an equally accredited military record. Matrix Ito is an underground martial arts master and the genius mastermind leader of the international and infamous terrorist cell, The Serpent Society. When their paths cross, all hell breaks loose as each encounter becomes a fight for their life as they look to end the other’s.



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