Aftermath I: A Saga Begins


Genre: Sci-Fi

Publisher: Lulu Enterprises Inc. & Lulu Press Inc (

Publish Date: Mar. 2012

Aftermath: A Saga Begins by F. Kenneth Taylor Available on
Aftermath: A Saga Begins on

This page is dedicated to my 2nd published book, “Aftermath I: A Saga Begins”, which was also the very first manuscript/book I wrote and thus began my writing career.  Needless to say, “Aftermath”, as it was originally titled, and I often call it, is my “pet-project”.  This is the 1st book of a series of approximately 4, maybe 5 books, which includes a prequel.  There’s already a complete sequel, “Aftermath II: Relentless Intentions”, which I’m currently in the process of re-writing, as well as a third installment that will actually be a ‘spin-off‘ story for a set a characters.

So, a little about the story, huh?  A majority of the characters are based off of a lot of my friends and family; at the time, that was the only way I knew how to build my character-base.  With that in mind, you know I gave myself the leading role, as Keith ‘Poet’ Tucker, a former, hot-shot, military fighter pilot.  Poet hooks up with a close friend, Kamir ‘Rasta’ Da-Saunt, based off my real-life, childhood close friend, and fellow writer, and WP blogger, K. G. Bethlehem, to combat the unjust actions of Lord Vincent Mason Corelli, the ruler of Poet’s home planet.

So Poet and Rasta, each build a team of individuals with different areas of expertise to form a militant faction, The Universal Militia, whose purpose is practically to bring down Lord Corelli and his affiliates, by any means necessary.  You feel it, don’t you?  That’s right. . .here comes the ‘Promo-plug‘, lol!

In their efforts to permanently silence Lord Corelli and company; Poet, Rasta, and their friends embark on a seemingly never-ending journey and adventure across the endless realms of space during the 31st century, while simultaneously combating their own inner-struggles!  This is 100% sci-fi action that grabs your attention and reels you in!  Thanks for stopping by!


Preview “Aftermath: A Saga Begins” here!

4 thoughts on “Aftermath I: A Saga Begins

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    1. Franklyn,

      Thank you for taking time to visit my site and share your thoughts, I truly appreciate it. Yes, I do a lot of writing — I’m a Freelance Writer & Self-Published Author, lots of writing is kinda in the job description. Lol!

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    1. Thelma,

      Thanks, but if you google my name, you can easily find my blog here. I’m also currently in the process of incorporating my other blogs (Aftermath, etc) into my primary blog (F. Kenneth Taylor), that’s the reason for the tabs. As soon as I’ve finished transferring the posts from the Aftermath blog, I’m closing it, but I still may look into the backlinks

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