Corner Pocket
Corner Pocket on Amazon

As he copes with the recent loss of his mother, and tries to mend a failing relationship with his father, Damon, aka ‘Panther’, quickly learns the street-life isn’t all its made out to be when he’s framed for murder by his childhood best friend.  This is a fast-paced, Urban-Drama that teaches us about the things that really matter in life such as; family, redemption, and love.  A definite page-turner!










Aftermath: A Saga Begins on
Aftermath: A Saga Begins on

This is 100% Sci-Fi action that quickly grabs your attention and refuses to let go!  Set in the 31st century; a young group of friends from different planets unite to contest an unjust dictator and his affiliates.  As they embark on a fast-paced, life-threatening journey, they learn to adapt to the events unfolding before them and simultaneously combat their own inner-struggles.











{Co-Authored w/K.G Bethlehem}

Shadow Within A City by F. Kenneth Taylor & K.G Bethlehem Available on
Shadow Within A City on Amazon

It’s a gritty, dystopian world with ‘Big-Brother’ technology in an urban city best described as the new Hell’s Kitchen, plagued with government cover-ups, and a staggering crime rate. Fortunately, there’s a new hero, or anti-hero, ShadowKill. With supernatural abilities, he begins to incinerate the criminal element as a solid, shadowy entity, until he encounters — BloodOath










{from the Shadow Within A City Series}

"Serpents & Honor" on
“Serpents & Honor” on

Adapted from the “Shadow Within A City” series, this short-story verbally illustrates the origins of the deadly martial arts rivalry between Chono Soto and international crimelord, Matrix Ito.  While its less than 100 pages; it’s filled with amazing fight scenes, action, shootouts, and intrigue.  A very fast and fun read!

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  1. Hi~ you mentioned on LinkedIn you’re looking for folks to interview? I (and several others) don’t know how to contact you you didn’t include that info nor can we find it here on this site – what is your email please so we can connect? Let me know and thanks!

    1. Debbi,

      Thank you for taking an interest. You can contact me on LinkedIn either by in-mail or simply commenting on the post. I’m glad you reached out here, because I now I realize I need to create a “Contact Me” page.

      In the meantime, here’s my email. PLEASE put WRITER’S LOUNGE on the Subject line, otherwise, I will consider it “junk/spam” and delete it.

      When I receive your email, I will contact you with details. Thanks again!

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