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Nope… I haven’t disappeared again, lol! I’m a Self-Published Author, Freelance Writer, and Creator/Owner of Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC/S.U.M. I’ve been really busy pushing to get my new book, “Aftermath II: A Mental Galaxy,” released by today (June 15th), and its been a pain in the ass, but it should be released sometime later today on Amazon. This is the sequel to my Sci-Fi, “Aftermath: A Saga Begins, “ and has taken more than 2 years to write.

I truly believe this book is perhaps, my best work. I wrote Aftermath II: A Mental Galaxy, entirely different than my previous books.  In the past, I have primarily written my books from a dialogue POV. I’ve always received compliments on my character dialogue, and have always told my stories through the characters, but for Aftermath II: A Mental Galaxy, I did the opposite, and wrote it from a narrative and descriptive aspect. The result… a book that really goes in-depth into the storyline, and places emphasis on character development… 2 important things I failed to accomplish with its predecessor.

Also with Aftermath II: A Mental Galaxy, I hired BRPP Media Network, some of the best in Graphic Designs, for the cover… My editor was Tonya Everson, who is amazing at what she does, and Kevin Ray, a very accomplished artist, did an excellent job with several key character sketches. Finally, John Wilkinson/Author God Son, and God Son Publishing, will take my Marketing/Promotions, and Distribution game to the next level and really get this book jumpin’…. just as soon as CreateSpace/Amazon completes its Final Review!

I’ve also been busy with the magazine… hosting events, bringing new writers aboard, and re-structuring the format of S.U.M, as well as the management side of things. The past month has been really busy for me! Please visit the magazine site, and check out my books!

Yep… I’ve just been pretty bogged down with the book & magazine, but don’t worry, I have plenty more posts about writing & traveling coming up, so don’t go nowhere!

Last Month’s Issue of S.U.M

A2 - Full Cover
Aftermath II: A Mental Galaxy ~ By F. Kenneth Taylor

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