The Making Of A 2nd Edition

Aftermath: A Saga Begins (Original Cover)
by F. Kenneth Taylor

In 2012, I self-published my Sci-Fi book, Aftermath: A Saga Begins, which is the first book of a forthcoming series.  The story is about a young group of friends from different worlds and backgrounds banning together to combat an unjust dictator and his affiliates.  During the process, the group of friends also face their inner-demons and personal struggles as the they embark on life-threatening adventures across the cosmos.

When I published Aftermath I, I was totally new and inexperienced in the world of self-publishing, and the book wound up with some serious flaws; only thing is… at the time, I didn’t know they were serious flaws.

  • Font – The font was way too small and greatly affected marketability; it was rejected by several bookstores
  • Cover – The original cover was only a draft, but I was impatient & used it anyway
  • Ending – The original ending was “OK” but not as good as it could have been

As time passed, and I self-published more books, and began to learn more about self-publishing and marketing a book, these issues began to bother me more and more.  The flaws increasingly plagued me moreso within the past year, as I became closer and closer to finishing the sequel, “Aftermath II: A Mental Galaxy.”  Finally, I made the decision to change the font size, which made the book over 100 pages longer; then I added the new, surprise ending, and lastly, I gave it a simpler, yet more stylish cover.  More importantly, I created and published the 2nd Edition for several key reasons;

  1. I really didn’t want my work to look ‘half-assed’ anymore
  2. I want people to have Aftermath I & get familiar with the story before ordering Aftermath II
  3. If I published a 2nd Edition, it’ll be the way I originally intended & I could use it to market the sequel


So here’s the 2nd Edition’s cover… Ya’ like!?  Click it & see what happens!

Aftermath: A Saga Begins (2nd Edition) by F. Kenneth Taylor



COMING  JUNE  2017 (real soon!)

Aftermath II: A Mental Galaxy by F. Kenneth Taylor ~ COMING JUNE 2017


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