Author of the Year

Hello everyone, I TRULY need your help! Several weeks ago, I was nominated for the Author of the Year Award. The award will be presented at the 2016 St. Louis Star Awards ceremony on Jan. 31st, 2016, in St. Louis, MO.

The St. Louis Star Awards is a major, televised event that is covered by major media outlets.  Only the Top 3 nominees of each category will advance in the runnings.  Until several days ago, I have managed to hold 3rd Place, but now I’m fighting hard to regain that position.

Ranking 3rd Place allows me to;

  1. Receive 2 VIP tickets to the 2016 Star Awards
  2. Walk the Red Carpet
  3. Receive free book & self-promotion opportunities
  4. Receive major media exposure including possible televised interviews

So, as you all can see, even without achieving 1st Place, this is still a BIG opportunity; therefore, I am desperately asking for ALL your votes! I’m also asking you to encourage ALL your friends to cast their votes for me as well, and yes, PLEASE SHARE THE LINK!!


VOTE  NOW!! — F. Kenneth Taylor — Author of the Year!!





Thank you, I truly appreciate your support,

F. Kenneth Taylor


I value your feedback, please leave a comment

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