SOME’N UNIQUE: What Really Happened In Ferguson ~ From A St. Louis Native

Welcome to a late edition of “SOME’N  UNIQUE”. The reason for the late posting is because this week’s edition required a great deal of work, took 2 days to complete, and hits home with me as a lifelong native of St. Louis, MO. I wanted to dispel the deceptive and negative image of the Black residents of Ferguson that the media has portrayed to the world, as well as the image of the City of Ferguson.


Photo by Getty Images
Photo by Getty Images

Let me say this again –

For those who don’t know; I (F. Kenneth Taylor), was born and raised in St. Louis, MO and currently live only a few minutes away from Ferguson, MO.  I have childhood friends that currently live in Ferguson as well. Much of the videos, news reports, and media coverage you all have seen and heard since the Michael Brown Shooting to the Darren Wilson Verdict announcement, have been fabricated, exaggerated, and flat out—lies.



The motto “Proud Past, Promising Future” speaks volumes for the city of Ferguson, MO, a close-knit community of North St. Louis County. Since its emergence as a haven for small business owners in the early ’90s, the city has become best known for its economic expansion and unique storefronts. The community created the I Love Ferguson organization and campaign to assist their small businesses that were damaged during the 2014 riots surrounding the Michael Brown Shooting and Darren Wilson verdict.

Ferguson's City Walk Photo by City of Ferguson
Ferguson’s City Walk
Photo by City of Ferguson

Ferguson’s education system ranks among the best with 6 elementary schools, 3 private schools, and a middle school and high school. The community is home to the Florissant-Valley branch of St. Louis Community College, and just a short drive away from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Students are welcomed by Ferguson with affordable apartments and employment opportunities.

Ferguson's Historic Wabash Railroad & Caboose Photo by
Ferguson’s Historic Wabash Railroad & Caboose
Photo by

Ferguson’s centralized location places it 10 miles East of St. Louis’ Lambert International Airport and approximately 15 miles West of Downtown St. Louis. The location ranks high with home buyers and attracts new residents each year. Annual events like The 4th of July Parade, StreetFest, and Twilight Ramble, makes Ferguson, MO a wonderful community to work, play, and call home.



Let’s start at the beginning, with the shooting of Michael Brown.  Michael Brown was shot for robbing a local convenient store of a pack of cigarillos. For those that don’t know, cigarillos are small, cigarette-sized cigars that only cost a few dollars.  Yes, Michael Brown committed a crime, no matter how big or small, it was still a crime, and punishable by law.

Photo by Rueters
Photo by Rueters

The altercation between Brown and Wilson, then employed with the Ferguson PD, began when Wilson who was on patrol in the area sometime after the robbery encountered Brown and a friend, Dorian Johnson, who were walking down a street.  Wilson told them to get their asses out the street, and it is believed that a verbal confrontation and a tussle between Brown and Wilson initiated at Wilson’s squad car which ultimately led to Wilson pursuing Brown and Johnson.  It is also believed that sometime during the confrontation, Wilson was informed or realized that Brown was the robbery suspect.  Brown’s friend managed to elude Wilson and by the time the shooting started, he had taken shelter behind a nearby car.

Rapper & St. Louis Native, Nelly at Ferguson Protest Photo by
Rapper & St. Louis Native, Nelly at Ferguson Protest
Photo by




The first shot from Darren Wilson’s gun was fired during the tussle at his squad car with Brown.  At some point during Wilson’s pursuit of Brown and Johnson, Dorian Johnson managed to elude Wilson, who maintained sight and pursuit of Brown.  Realizing that his chances of eluding Wilson were narrowing, Brown surrendered, raising his hands in the air and allegedly pleading for Wilson not to shoot.

Sketch of Mike Brown Jr. Photo by
Sketch of Mike Brown Jr.
Photo by

Throughout the ordeal, Wilson fired a total of 12 shots at Brown, who was unarmed and surrendering.  Let me repeat that – Wilson fired 12 shots at an unarmed teenager with his hands raised in surrender and pleading for Wilson not to shoot him.  The shooting occurred during broad daylight in front of an apartment complex.  A minimum of 6 bullets struck Brown and contributed to his death.

Click For Article Photo by
Click For Article
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Michael Brown’s death ignited a major, communal uprising that attracted international media attention.  The uprising produced nearly a month of unpredictable and violent protests, rioting, and authoritative abuse by Ferguson PD, the military and participating police departments.  The major factors that led to the initial protests, rioting, and clashes with the Ferguson Police Department were;

  • Michael Brown was unarmed surrendering with his hands held high
  • Ferguson PD left Brown’s body lying in the street for 4hrs
  • Ferguson PD never called an ambulance and drove Brown’s body away in an SUV
  • The shooting was uncalled for, especially when officers have non-lethal alternatives
  • The shooting was in broad daylight



This is where things began to get completely out of control.  Ferguson is located in North St. Louis County, a predominately Black division of St. Louis County.  For 24hrs a day, 7 days a week; news media outlets such as FOX, CNN, and ABC, continuously, and in my opinion, subliminally, aired and broadcasted videos, pictures, and reports of Black residents looting, rioting, and vandalizing property, both after the shooting and the announcement of Darren Wilson’s verdict.

Yes, there were definitely some idiots looting and “snatching-and-grabbing”, I don’t deny that, but while the media was painting a fake Picasso of Blacks destroying their own community, let me tell you (as a St. Louis native), the Picasso the media DIDN’T paint;

    • The media DIDN’T report the abuse of authority by law enforcement and the military
    • The media DIDN’T report that Darren Wilson shot another unarmed Black man as an officer with Jennings PD, sometime prior to his employment with Ferguson PD – BUT they tried to turn Michael Brown into a seasoned criminal even though he didn’t have a criminal record
    • The media DIDN’T report the use of paid agitators to incite riots
    • The media DIDN’T report the law enforcement & the military setting fires to property
    • The media DIDN’T report law enforcement tear gassing innocent teens & people
  • The media DIDN’T report police officers threatening to kill protestors
  • The media DIDN’T report North St. Louis County was under Martial Law
  • The media DIDN’T report “profiling” tactics used via unnecessary motorists checkpoints
  • The media DIDN’T report police & military snipers aiming into crowds of PEACEFUL protestors
  • The media DIDN’T report law enforcement telling forcing citizens not to protest, despite the fact it’s one of our Constitutional Rights – The Right to Assemble

No, they didn’t tell the world all of that, but they made sure the world saw Blacks snatching-and-grabbing, and they made sure the world saw Blacks being taken away in handcuffs, they made sure the world saw burning buildings and cars, and vandalized property – yeah, the world saw all of that, but somehow throughout the media’s “in-depth” coverage, they missed all the illegal and abusive shit law enforcement did – I didn’t. I had to dig for some of it, but I found it.



After repeatedly pushing back the verdict announcement, the courts finally announced with everyone here in St. Louis already knew – Darren Wilson was set free, and was not indicted on any of 5 possible charges – Are you fucking kidding me!?  Part of Wilson’s defense was the attempt to make Brown appear as a behemoth compared to Wilson, and the two were even compared to the Bible’s David and Goliath – Again, are you fucking kidding me!? Truth is, Michael Brown was 6’6” and Darren Wilson is 6’4” – That’s only 2 fucking inches! Not exactly David and Goliath!

This is a video I personally made the day after the verdict

The jury was racially biased, and for those who think or believe race had nothing to do with it, especially those who don’t live in St. Louis – you’re wrong. Missouri and St. Louis is a very racially divided state and city.  Jurors later came forward and confessed to practically being coerced to move towards a “Not Guilty” verdict.



Today, many of Ferguson’s city officials and members of the Ferguson Police Department, including Darren Wilson and Ferguson’s Chief of Police, have either resigned from their positions or were forced out.  Many Ferguson residents are now demanding that the Mayor step down or be removed from office.  The Mayor has announced repeatedly he will not step down despite his low approval rating and ongoing federal investigations.

A select few of the countless small businesses that were destroyed, have either re-opened or begun the rebuilding process.  Unfortunately, the greater majority of these small businesses were permanently lost with no means of rebuilding.  A Ferguson Committee or Commission has been established to seemingly on “discuss” the future of the municipality because despite regular meetings, no actual action has been taken.

The “I Love Ferguson” Campaign still runs strong and continues aid and assist small businesses and their owners in rebuilding as much as possible.

Photo by City of Ferguson
Photo by City of Ferguson


Thanks for sticking around for this week’s very special edition of SOME’N  UNIQUE – This one is close to me – It’s my hometown we’re talking about! dispel



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