JUST FOR FUN: Game Review of Dungeon Siege III

Welcome to Week 5 of Some’n U’Nique. The last couple of weeks, we’ve been addressing some pretty serious topics; how Black History Month is more of an insult, than anything, and the problems relationships encounter when the woman makes more money than the male/husband. So this week, I wanted to lighten things up a bit, and I have just the thing—a good ole’ fashioned video game review – Dungeon Siege III.



Dungeon Siege III isn’t the latest thing to hit the market, and isn’t as popular as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare or any of the Assassin’s Creed (that’s my shit!) installments. Dungeon Siege III is a few years old; it first hit stores in 2011, but I must admit, I’m glad I took a gamble on the recent purchase because it’s pretty easy to get hooked on. As you can see, it falls into that Middle-ages/Fantasy genre, with classic ‘hack-and-slash’ battle action.

You select from four characters to play with; Lucas, the knight, Anjali, the—I-don’t-know-what, that really kicks ass! Then, there’s Rienhart, who’s more like a mage or alchemist, and finally, Katarina, the marksman, who can also cast a few spells of her own.



Alright, so you see, each character has their own way of truly putting the hurt-down on opposing foes, as well as some cool-ass powers and abilities. The gameplay is pretty easy; no confusing button combinations required to do the really cool shit, it has great graphics and dialogue options, and if you get lost, just push “up” on the d-pad, and a path will appear pointing you in the right direction. There’s also a co-op option for the game as well as online co-op; I haven’t tried either yet, but another review gave the online co-op a pretty low rating, so I guess I’ll just have to try it and find out for myself.

The downside is that while the back story/storyline is pretty interesting—it’s also pretty dry and boring, but it adds to the overall experience of the game. The other downfall is that most of the items you find in chests and crates like new weapons and armor, really aren’t all that useful, even after you’ve gotten deeper into the game—you still find items with the strength level of things you found at the beginning of the game. Oh yeah, the main villain is a chic! She’s bad ass, check out her trailer!



What!? Did you think she was gonna be that easy to defeat!? Naw, that’s a bad bitch! Lol! All-in-all, the game gets a pretty good, overall review from me, but then again, I’m not a die-hard gamer, so what do I know? Fantasy lovers will enjoy the addictive action, spells, and supernatural capabilities, but keep in mind; it’s a far cry from Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Happy gaming!


Tune in next Saturday for Week 6 of Some’n Unique!


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