SOME’N U’NIQUE: Black History Month Is An Insult

Welcome to this week’s edition of, SOME’N U’NIQUE. I apologize for the semi-late posting of this edition; a lot of fine-tuning went into this one. This week I’m discussing a more serious matter, that’s been eating at me for quite some time now; Black History Month.

Unique - Black History Month 3

I wrote this article because I’m so disgusted with this, filtered, watered-down, commercialized celebration of Black History Month every year!  Its insulting that America finds justification in only acknowledging the significant contributions that Blacks have made to this country for one month—the shortest month at that.  Nonetheless, what’s pisses me off even more, is that Blacks accept it. “Yay! It’s Black History Month! C’mon kids, now that it’s February, you have to learn your history.” Are you fucking serious!?  Yes, I dropped the ‘F-bomb’.  Black History should be acknowledged everysingleday because the contributions we’ve made are seen and used everysingleday!

President Barack Obama Martin Luther King Jr.
President Barack Obama
Martin Luther King Jr.

I strive to learn as much about my history and race as possible and practice educating myself, younger generations, and anyone else who seeks to learn more of our culture, ethnicity, and history.  Its also sickening how institutionalized our schools are; they only teach our kids what ‘they’ want them—and us, to know or learn of Black History, and what’s worst—we allow it!  Our history is so much more than slavery, Harriet Tubman, George Washington Carver, W.E.B. DuBois, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Our history and contributions to this country extends so far beyond that. I hope this article enlightens you and opens your mind.

Thousands of years before Africans were cruelly condemned to nearly five centuries of slavery, Afrika was home of the first known civilizations, thusfor, granting its natives the title of the first architects of Earth.  Today’s greatest architectural minds still marvel at the blueprints of the Sphinx and Pyramids of Egypt.  Many American symbols and national monuments were modeled after their Afrikan predecessors.  The Washington Monument is modeled after the Afrikan Obelisk; a structure designed to stand above all others and reach into the heavens above.  The Bald Eagle; allegedly, a symbol of freedom, was taken after Ho’rus [ha’roost] The Hawk.

Blacks invented approximately 90% of common, everyday tools that we all take for granted.  Can you imagine how dirty your feet would be if Jan E. Matzeliger hadn’t invented shoes or Michael C. Harvey never invented the lantern?  If Lewis Latimer hadn’t invented the electric lamp, you wouldn’t have light to see with when you style your hair with the comb that was invented by Walter Sammons.  What kind of surface would you use to iron your clothes if Sarah Boone didn’t invent the ‘ironing board’?  Have you thought about how much time George T. Sampson saves us when we do our laundry by inventing the clothes dryer?

Unique - Black Inventors 1

How would you write a letter if William Purvis hadn’t solidified and advanced the ink pen or John Love hadn’t invented the pencil sharpener?  How much longer do you think it would take to compose that letter if Lee Burridge/Barrage had given up on inventing the typewriter?  How would the letter be delivered if William Barry never invented the postmark machine and Phillip Downing had decided not to invent the mailbox?  Everytime you put your car in drive, thank Richard Spikes for the gearshift, and Garrret A. Morgan for traffic lights, or Elbert R. Robinson for the electric trolley.  City sanitation workers can thank Charles Brooks for the street sweeper, and we all should thank Alexander Miles for the elevator that saves us the trouble and sometimes agonizing feat of stair climbing.  Wake up people—America!

Unique - Black History Month 1 


Those are just a few, a few of the black inventors, there’s so many more, but let’s keep moving–who’s Dorie Miller? Why isn’t his name synonymous with Black History as MLK and all the other regulars? He had a major role in history. Should I continue? Yes? Ok. Why isn’t Haile Selassie mentioned in Black History?

Who is he? Oh, he’s just the Ethiopian Emperor that joined Ethiopia with the United Nations, the Ethiopian Emperor who rallied against Italy for their use of chemical warfare upon his people, The Ethiopian Emperor who has remained highly praised and worshipped  by the Rastafari Movement (I’ll break that down in another edition) as the “Returned Messiah”, the “Second Advent” of Christ; oh, but the guy with the peanuts beat him out for Black History Month, huh? The efforts and contribution of Blacks throughout history has dramatically enhanced the way of life not only in the U.S., but the world–we’ve earned and deserve more than fucking 28 days!

Unique - Black History Month 2


See you next Saturday for another dose of. . . SOME’N U’NIQUE


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