My Playlist

I think this one is self-explanatory. Just wanted to share a few of my favorite songs with you guys, so listen and comment with some of your favs, and I just may check them out!


1. Emeli Sande’“Next To Me” – I first saw heard of her and saw her sing this song on Jay Leno a while back & I immediately fell in love with it, and googled her, and now I’m a fan!



2. Beyonce’ ft. Jay-Z“Drunk In Love” – I love this grittier, more seductive Beyonce’, its a side of her she doesn’t usually show. I think she got her Rihanna-swag going on in this one!



3. Janelle Monae ft. Miguel“Primetime” – This one just has a real sultry groove & feel to it!



4. Master P ft. Howie T“It’s A Jungle Out Here” – That’s right, Master P is back! I love this song! Makes me instantly bob my head! So all you No Limit fans need to check out is new album, “The Gift”. It’s a hit! He’s the same ol’ Master P, but then again, he isn’t. The album’s pretty damn good! Check it out!



5. Areatha Franklin“Ain’t No Way” – Ok, y’all know I’m die-hard, old school Motown to the heart, so I HAD to throw this in here! This song makes me feel some kind of way! What can I say?–It’s Aretha Franklin!


Ok, well, there’s my playlist. . .for now. Tell me what you think and share your favs!


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