YOU! Title My Upcoming Short-Story!


Ok, some of you know I’ve been working on this short story (which YOU will title) for about 1.5 months or so. Before YOU choose a title, I have to give you the background and character info to help you decide, so here goes…


The idea for this story came about from 2 characters in Shadow Within A City, the book I co-authored with K.G. Bethlehem. The characters names are Chono Soto and Matrix Ito, both martial arts experts; with Chono being the protagonist & Matrix the antagonist. “Shadow Within In A City” hints to a bitter feud and/or rivalry and history between them, and in one scene gives direct reference to their past. Each of them also has a “mysterious”, clouded past in “Shadow Within A City”. So we thought it would be a good idea to give them their own story & “fill-in-the-blanks”.


The setting is kinda weird. Its in the past of the future. It takes place in the past, but this past is set in the future, and spans across the Eastern Hemisphere including; Korea, Japan, Germany, France, and finally ends in what used to be the United States.


The story is simple — The story unclouds each of their personal pasts, and shows how their deadly, martial-arts rivalry begun, and ends with their arrival and appearance into the “Shadow Within A City” storyline & timeline.


This is definitely an Action-Adventure/True Crime with lots of martial arts fight scenes, good ol’ fashioned shootouts, and intercontinental chases, and a fast-paced read!

Ok, so now you have the run-down…  Let’s take a look at Chono & Matrix!

Chono Soto  Artwork by F. Kenneth Taylor
Chono Soto
Art by F. Kenneth Taylor


Faction(s): Korean Defense Corps (KDC)
Japanese Intelligence (J.I)
Race/Ethnicity: Korean
Age: 31
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 162lbs
Demeanor: Reserved & Courageous

Profile: Native of The Resurrected Republic of Fusan, Korea.

Chono is a Special Agent of The Japanese Intelligence on
assignment to capture, Matrix Ito, crimelord and leader
of the criminal faction, The Serpent Society. Chono was
trained in 5 martial arts styles; Judo, Karate, Ninjitsu,
Kickboxing, and and Tai Kwon Do since the age of 3. At 17 he
joined The Korean Defense Corps and climbed the ranks. At 23
he moved to Japan and joined The J.I. by special invitation and began tracking Matrix, and
followed him from The Eastern Hemisphere to Midwest City.
Matrix Ito Art by F. Kenneth Taylor
Matrix Ito
Art by F. Kenneth Taylor


Faction(s): The Serpent Society (SS)
Race/Ethnicity: Japanese
Age: 33
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 141lbs
Demeanor: Violent, Aggressive & Focused

Profile: Matrix Ito, a 10th degree Black Belt was

born and raised in Kyoto, Japan, where he began
a felonious lifestyle at a very young age. He quickly
rose from the slums of Kyoto’s criminal underworld
and became the most feared Crimelord in Kyoto, as
well as the Eastern Hemisphere; wanted by apprehension bureaus in Japan (Japanese
Intelligence/J.I), Germany (German Investigation Agency/GIA), and France (Federal
Apprehension Bureau of France/FABF). He fled to Midwest City to elude Chono Soto, and
seek out BloodOath from the advice of a mutual acquaintance. Murder, kidnapping, extortion,
black-market arms, drugs, high-stakes robbery; there’s not a crime Matrix hasn’t committed.
Ok, so now you have the complete rundown, and you know a little bit about the 2 main characters, SO…. BE  LOOKING  OUT  FOR  A  LIST  OF  TITLE  OPTIONS  FOR  ALL  OF  YOU  TO  VOTE  ON!!!
In the meantime, you can see Chono & Matrix in action by ordering a copy of Shadow Within A City, available in paperback & Kindle on Amazon!

7 thoughts on “YOU! Title My Upcoming Short-Story!

  1. Excellent idea to get suggestions for your title – I might pinch that concept in future! As the characters are also in “Shadow Within a City” I wonder whether it would be worth considering a title that references that, so that it’s really obvious to people who’ve read the first book that this is something they’ll be interested in? A few thoughts: A Shadow Rises; Shadows in the Mist (thanks to Michelle!); Serpents and Shadows.

    Please keep us posted!

  2. Reblogged this on shadowkill city and commented:
    All part of the world of ShadowKill. Like my man Three-Dog said in Fallout 3; “Gotta’ fight, the good fight.” This short story will take a in depth look at two mysterious characters; Matrix and Chono. The “ying & yang” of Midwest City.. Enjoy.

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