Keepin’ It Hot & Steamy

Description: This is a piece I originally wrote earlier this year as an article to be used in an online magazine I was writing for, New Age Magazine. Its about ways to keep things hot & steamy in the bedroom. This was a real fun piece to do! Hope you all enjoy it!


Back To Basics:

That’s right, we’re going back to one, basic thing you should learn early in your sex life—Relax, let go, do what comes naturally, and go with the flow!  Some people get filled with anxiety right before having sex; they’re too concerned with doing something wrong that they take away from the experience.  Why?  Just remind yourself—this is gonna feel soooo good, and you’re about to have a hell-of-a-time!


Switch It Up:

Ok, we all have our favorite positions, favorite ‘who’s-your-daddy!?’ or ‘say-my-name’ line, but you gotta switch things up every once and a while!  C’mon, who wants it the same time, the same place, the same duration, the same positions, and same one-liners every time!?  No one, that’s who!  It gets really old and really boring really quick.  What do I mean?  I mean, take it outside the bedroom sometimes—you have an entire house or apartment to deface—get to it!  Do it on the bathroom sink, kitchen table (well, I don’t know about that one!), the stairs, shower, in the pool, the jacuzzi, the patio in the middle of night, or how about doing it against the picture window in the middle of the afternoon with the curtains/mini-blinds wide open!?  Yeah!—tell me you’re not getting excited right now and just had about 10 to 15 nasty lil’ thoughts surface!  Now do you know what I’m talking about!?


Role Play:

This is another good one—and pretty self-explanatory.  Do I really need to go into details on this one?  Let me give you an idea of what I’m talking about—‘The Naughty French Maid & Rich Millionaire’, ‘Frisky Cop & Sexy Female Suspect’, ‘The Star QB & Cheerleader Captain’, ‘The Beefy Plumber/Handyman & Lonely Housewife’, or how about simply re-enacting that ‘one’ scene from that ‘one’ adult video—you know the one—yes, that ‘one’!  Like I said before—let go! Have fun!


Satisfy Your Fetishes!:

Why are people so afraid of sexual fetishes!?  Yes, fetishes can be a little weird and freaky, but they can also be fun as hell!  So go ahead—suck a few toes, put on a tight, leather suit, get tied up for a night, get plastered with whip cream and/or chocolate—I bet you like it and go back for more!

Here’s the bottom line everybody—don’t be afraid to let go, and/or experiment sexually—that’s what sex is about; exploring and releasing yourself and each other on an intimate level, and having fun, while giving each other a sensational feeling at the same time.  Okay, that’s it, get outta here!  Go do something kinky to each other!


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