CELEB NEWS: Her Name Is Miley


Just wrote this one a few hours ago. It’s basically about “child-stars” transitioning into “adult-stars/celebrities”, and with all the heat she’s been catching lately, I thought Miley Cyrus would be excellent to write about, so let me know what you all think. Thanks for stopping by & taking time to read!



Alright, let’s get straight to the point—Miley Cyrus.  She’s been catching a lot of heat lately, primarily by parents upset about her performance with Robin Thicke at the VMAs, and a recent nude photo shoot.  She’s also received bad reviews from critics over her music video for her hit single, “We Can’t Stop”, which actually has a good message. The video shows Miley in some rather ‘compromising-positions’, ‘twerking’ again, and talks about sex and partying.  However, it’s not done so out of context because the lyrics to the song practically states or says—she’s young, and she’s going to do things that many people will disagree with, and that she’ll probably learn from later on; but right now, she has to be herself and experience these things, rather good or bad, for herself. While I don’t really care for the video, I do like the song; not only for the sound, but for what’s she saying through it, which is basically—“Don’t judge me and let me express myself”.

Another thing parents are failing to realize and take into consideration, as with many former ‘child-stars’ is—Miley Cyrus is not a little kid anymore!  She’s not “Hannah Montana”!  She never was!  That was a ‘character’ she played—not her!  She grew up!  Parents always go ape when their child’s favorite child-star finally grows up and steps out of the “kiddie-world” and into the “adult-world” and start doing “adult” things.  Even with her music she’s expanding beyond Country, and has collaborated with rap/hip-hop artists, R&B artists, and producers!

People have to realize that these “child-stars” are not going to stay kids forever; Miley Cyrus is no different.  While she’s only 20 years old, which is still a very young age; she’s also a legal adult, and she’s had an adult career—professional music recording artist and TV and film actress, for quite some time now.  I guarantee you—Miley Cyrus has seen things the average 20 year old has not.  Furthermore, she’s in a better position to financially support herself than the average 20 year old.  Parents and critics cannot expect her to uphold a “child” image during her “adult” life and career.  She’s not a child anymore, and she’s letting it be known.  After playing the wholesome, “girl-next-door” roles her entire life and career, she naturally wants to explore more “adult” roles, music, videos, and so forth—wouldn’t you?  So back off!



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