I wrote this one in 2009, and it’s strictly for the ladies, so. . .Ladies, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, comment and let me know what you think. Love y’all!



We’re so close,

I feel your breath,

Smell your shampoo,

And Chanel’s sweet fragrance,

Elegantly dancing between us,


Your sultry eyes,

Marinate with passion,

Demands my masculine embrace,

Hungers for intimacy,


Seven candles gently flicker,

The Commodores’, ‘Oh No’ softly plays,


I stroke your lips. . .

With a single finger,

Gaze into your eyes,

Delicately. . .

Lay your smiling face, into my palm,

Reel you close,

Welcome your soft lips with mine,

Soothing them with the tip of my tongue


Your eyes close,

Your head softly tilts,

My fingers glide smoothly, through your hair,


I kiss your ear, your neck, your ear again,

Finally, your lips once more



I caress your breasts,

Massaging them. . .with the tip of my tongue. . .




Your body arches,

Your sensuous, intimate cries excite me,

Two fingers dip into your moistness,

Massaging the center of your sexual love,

Your body arches more,

My excitement grows,

A single tear travels your cheek,

You quiver in climatic fashion,

Crying my name,

Crying for me to enter you,

Finally—I do


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