I wrote this in 2009 to vent my frustrations in finding work. It’s my 1st video (original 2013 video removed), as I’ve been experimenting with my webcam, and exploring a new medium to get my work out on, so please comment, comment, comment, like, like, like, and let me know what you think.

 “Apply Here” – Live @ The Book House – Jan. 2018

Thanks for watching!

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: POETRY: Apply Here

  1. Kenneth, You have exprssed your frustrations well :-). I am glad things have improved somewhat for you now. Not bad for a first effort at videoing yourself … I’ve not tried that yet.

    1. Thanks Moragh! Since 2009, things have improved far beyond “somewhat”! I’m doing so much with my writing, and having so many opportunities come my way. I think I had to go through what I went through so that I could be more prepared for all that’s opening up to me now, but more importantly, so that I’ll value & appreciate it more.

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