Next-Big-Thing Award Nominee: Returning The Favor

First of all, today is my 1yr anniversary with WP!  Doesn’t seem like it’s been a year already!  Next, I was, or my blog, F. Kenneth Taylor (I have 3), was nominated for The Next Big Thing Award by fellow WP blogger, Slepsnor (legendsofwindemere), so as a nominee, now I must nominate 5 blogs/people, which usually isn’t my ‘thing’, but I wouldn’t want someone else to miss their chance either, so here goes. . .


1. kgbethlehem: I have known K.G. since we were kids, he’s one of my closest friends.  He’s an excellent writer, father, and human being.  K.G. has also worked just as long & hard as I have in the writing field/industry, and definitely deserves this.

2. TEMP’ELL OF ELLAMENTAL: This brotha is on some serious levels, and continuously puts out quality content! Check him out!

3. tracycembor: I recently became a fan/follower, thanks to her interactive, ‘pick-a-path‘ short-story, “Rivenloss, The Dreamless City”. She has an unique blog with helpful advice/tips for the aspiring writer.

4. HRSH REYALITEE: This sista is the TRUTH! Her poetry is unparalleled!  She redefines, ‘Raw Talent‘!

5. unboundboxeslimpinggods: This blog first caught my attention for it’s artwork (I also draw/sketch & paint), which is absolutely amazing!  I like the writing too, but I’m truly blown away by the art!


Alright, so there you have it–my 5 nominees, now you guys (the nominees of course) get to nominate others, so get to it! Here’s the contest link



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