Big Thanks To My WordPress Family!

I had to do this post for my WP family!  You guys REALLY came through for me!  Some of you know how hard I’ve really been working on THE  WRITER’S  LOUNGE segment of my blog, and some of you became aware after my last post explaining what it was, and how it worked, as well as ask for your help and support.  You all showed up big-time!  More than I had thought you would.  So I wanted personally thank EVERYONE who commented, ‘liked’, and/or began following my blog.  So here goes, I apologize if I left anyone out, I did my best to make sure I mentioned everyone.


Thanks goes to;

C.N. Faust


tracycembor (I’m loving the pick-a-path urban-fantasy!)

Matilda Aya

Sue Vincent

The Laundry Maid

Michelle Proulx



Ryan Brooks

moraghsblog (see you later on LinkedIn!)

Roxi St. Clair (very nice blog!)





Special Thanks to:

Debra Robinson  — (1st featured writer/artist from LinkedIn)

K.G. Bethlehem — (next writer to appear later this week)

slepsnor — (thanks for re-blogging my post!)


I promise I will do my best to visit ALL your blogs!  Don’t forget. . .check THE  WRITER’S  LOUNGE each week for a new writer/artist interview & keep spreading the word!


— F. Kenneth Taylor


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