POETRY: Confined

This piece is being written live,

You see each word,

The same as I. . .

For the first time,

No revisions, no deletions,

They appear as I speak em’


This is my writing,

In it’s purest form,


Raw emotion,


From the dwindlings of the bowels of my soul,






Did I say I was angry?

Let me re-phrase it. . .

Pissed off!

To many situations,

Unwelcomed circumstances,

Irreconcilable differences,

Perhaps imprisonment,

Delusional happiness,


By the iron gates,

Locking from the opposite,

Pausing time,

Movement. . .


Rejecting appeal,

Justice sees none,

Only laboring burdens,

Escape is a labyrinth,


Psychological incapacitation,

This is solitary,

This is a world,

My world. . .





3 thoughts on “POETRY: Confined

  1. Reblogged this on kgbethlehem and commented:
    Greetings everyone!!

    Again my apologies for blogging the Friday Night Poetry Corner today but I just completed a 14hour road trip (from D.C to St. Louis, MO).

    Very long journey…

    Now for this addition of the Corner an old favorite poet; my writing partner and creator of Corner Pocket ,Aftermath and Shadow Within A City (co-authored) F. Kenneth Taylor. His poem is called “Confined.”

    Check it out and thanks for visiting and also thanks for supporting the blog and all the writings of guest poets. Much Respects!!

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