Why Do We Fall In Love?

This is one of my older and favorite articles.  It’s pretty brief and to the point, but let me know what you think.

People fall in love for numerous reasons; they share a desirable and mutual attraction, perhaps, they’ve endured a traumatic experience together, or as adults, they’ve embarked on a mature, intimate, and serious relationship that stems and roots back to a childhood friendship.  People also fall in love for all the wrong reasons which may include; partaking in adultery, or confusing love for the other four-lettered ‘L’ word, ‘lust’, and yet, ironically, there’s various, unknown reasons why people fall in love.

Why is the sky blue?  Why is grass green?  Why must we all die one day?  Why are we quarantine on Earth, when we reside in such a vast universe with thousands of uncharted worlds that lay waiting to be discovered, explored, and claimed?  I believe the ‘why’ isn’t meant to be questioned, but it may be ciphered and pondered upon.  For example, in my opinion, I believe God allows us to fall in love to experience and surpass certain aspects of life that only a love –seeded companionship or bond between a man and woman can overcome.  Is this the ‘sole’ reason ‘why’ people fall in love?  I don’t know and really don’t care because as I mentioned, it’s only my opinion.  I’m sure yours is different, as will be the next person’s and the next, with whom we could debate and discuss the topic with all day and night, only to end where we began—asking “why?”

The bottom line is this; we will never know ‘why’ people fall in love because it’s simply one of those unexplained and unsolved mysteries of life that will remain so.  Furthermore, when you really put this into perspective and think about it, no one really cares ‘why’ people fall in love, the only thing we all care about ‘is’ falling in love.  It doesn’t matter, ‘why’, all that matters is that people ‘do’ fall in love.  There’s only a very small percentage of people that don’t want to fall in love, but that’s another ‘why’, isn’t it?  Next to life itself, the ability to love, to be loved, and to experience all that love entails is the greatest gift God has given us.  Rather than wasting our time trying to figure out something so imbecilic and asinine as ‘why’, we should simply savor the love we receive and give for as long as we can.  For many of us the opportunity to experience ‘real’ or ‘true’ love only comes once in a lifetime, it’ll be a tragedy to know you missed it because you were too consumed asking. . . . “Why?”


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