Is It The Zodiac, Chemistry, Or Fate?

This one is pretty cut and dry–What do you believe in when it comes to relationships, romance, and/or love?  How do you determine whether or not to be with a person?  Most people people believe in 1 of 3 things; The Zodiac, chemistry, or fate–so again, I ask–What do you believe?


There’s a great number of people that believe certain Signs of The Zodiac are perfect for each other, and will not settle for anything else.  Period.  If the the Sign of the person they’re interested in isn’t compatible with their own Sign according to The Zodiac–then it’s a ‘no-go‘, plain and simple.  Personally, I’ve never gotten too far off into that, but within the past 6 or 7 years, I’ve been paying much more attention to it, and while I’m still not a sole believer in it, I do believe that it plays a small part.  I’ve found that I’m most attracted to the Aries, Libra, and Taurus woman (in that order).  However, according to The Zodiac, my sign (Virgo) isn’t compatible with an Aries–But, the longest and most serious relationship I’ve ever had–was with an Aries.  Go figure.


Maybe you’re more like me, and don’t really believe The Zodiac, and find that your chemistry, or in some cases, ‘instant-chemistry‘ is what romantically or intimately attracts you to someone.  I strongly believe there has to be something more than the time of year someone was born that makes you and that person attracted to each other.  You have to have similar interests and characteristics on some level or another.  Nonetheless, I don’t believe chemistry, or ‘true-chemistry‘, rather, is as common as everyone makes it out to be.  When I refer to ‘chemistry’, I’m talking about a strong, immediate, and mutual attraction on all levels; mentally, physically, and ambitiously, that evolves into a serious relationship of longevity.  What’s your definition of chemistry?


Perhaps you believe more in ‘fate’; that everything happens for a reason, and not by accident.  Most people who firmly believe in fate, believe that ‘something’ beyond our control such as something spiritual or supernatural, has allowed our paths to cross with that of our ‘love-interest‘ for whatever reasons, and we aren’t supposed to fight–we are supposed to go readily and willingly.  I also believe that fate has a role in who we become romantically involved with, what about you?  So, have you been paying attention?  Just in case you may have been wondering which of the 3 I believe in–I’ve already said it–I believe in a little bit of each one, yeah, I have that, ‘all-of-the-above’ thing going on!  Lol!

I would really love for you guys to chime in one this one!  Thanks again for stopping by!

— F. Kenneth Taylor


2 thoughts on “Is It The Zodiac, Chemistry, Or Fate?

  1. None of the above, lol. I certainly give the zodiac no weight at all. I would label “chemistry” as just a shared way of communicating initially. That alone can take you far, but if you don’t nurture that communication it can fade away.

    As far as fate goes…I don’t believe it is a destination that cannot be changed. I don’t believe “fate” exists until you make the decisions that lead you there. Most studies show that man is not made to be monogamous and paired with the same mate for a lifetime, and the divorce rate would indicate that this is at least partially true for most people.

    People change; sometimes they grow together, and often they grow apart. Additionally someone who is growing and learning can find themselves attached to someone who is contently stagnant, and that is a most unbearable situation in which to live your life.

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