Corner Pocket & Aftermath: A Saga Begins On Sale Now!

Aftermath: A Saga Begins takes place in 31st century across the realms of space. When a young group of friends from different worlds and planets unite to thwart the actions of an unjust dictator, they embark on a fast-paced, life-threatening journey that brings them face-to-face with death at every turn, and teach them to adapt to the events unfolding before them as they simultaneously combat their own inner-struggles. ‘Aftermath: A Saga Begins’ is definitely 100% sci-fi action that quickly grabs your attention and refuses to let go!

Aftermath: A Saga Beginsby F. Kenneth Taylor
Aftermath: A Saga Begins
by F. Kenneth Taylor

While dealing with the recent loss of his mother, and trying to mend an ailing relationship with his father, Damon, aka, ‘Panther’, soon learns that the fast life isn’t everything its cracked up to be when he’s framed for murder by his best friend. After falling for the hot-shot, prosecuting attorney’s daughter, and upon realizing the pain he’s caused his father and younger sister, he turns his life around through his love for the game of Pool, in which he’s yet to discover his hidden talent.

Corner Pocketby F. Kenneth Taylor
Corner Pocket
by F. Kenneth Taylor

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