Life: What Is It? Pt II: Creation Explored

In Part One of this post, I didn’t go into detail about the definition of ‘Life’; I just more-or-less skimmed the topic lightly.  I stated that the definition and meaning of life is different for everyone, and the choices we make and actions we take grants us tremendous influence as to what kind of life we’ll lead.  So am I saying we’re the ‘Masters-of-our-Fate‘?  No, of course not–God is–Well, that is, He is, according to what you believe–which brings me to my next point.  In our attempt to find out what life is, that is, if that’s even possible, we must first explore ‘Creation’ itself, and examine how it coincides with our beliefs as to how life came to be.  There are several common beliefs and theories that we know of. . .


In the beginning, God created the heavens and earth….”  We’ve all heard that, right? “…and the earth was without form, and void…”  In The Bible; from Genesis 1:1-1:9, God creates day and night, water and land, and Heaven.  In verse 10, God called the land; ‘Earth’.  As we continue with verses 11-25, we learn God then creates; grass and fruit, animals and cattle, morning and evening, and the sun, moon, and stars.  Then, in verse 27 we come to another well known, biblical quote; “…So God created man in his own image…” and referred to them as male and female.  Skip to 2:7, this is where God forms Adam from the dust of the Earth and breathes life into his nostrils so that man may now become a living soul.  In 2:22 God then creates Eve from Adams’s rib.  If you’re a religious person, more specifically, a Christian, or someone with Christian-based beliefs (i.e. Baptist), this is probably your explanation, as well as the only logical one.


The gist of the Big Bang Theory is that the universe began and expanded from a rather ‘Hot State‘; something similar or equal to the Sun.  The Big Bang Theory is a cosmological model of the universe being supported by scientific evidence.  It was originally explained by Georges Lemaitre, whose study also laid the framework for Einstein’s theory of General Relativity.  In 1929, Edwin Hubble (the last name should sound familiar ) discovered that the distances to far away galaxies were proportional to their redshifts.  In astronomy, ‘redshift occurs when visible light is reflected to the less energetic end (the red end) of an electromagnetic spectrum by the Doppler Effect.  In Laymen terms, that means that these galaxies and clusters have a velocity directed away from an origin point; so the further away, the higher the velocity.  The higher velocity causes more expansion, meaning that in the past, everything was closer together.  This theory is further explained in more detail, more ‘scientific detail’, I should stress, but I would just confuse myself in any further attempts to simplify it; this was hard enough!  Eventually, ‘man’, was formed or created somewhere along the line as a result of this event.


Some people believe there’s a ‘cross-explanation’ between the Big Bang Theory and the belief that man, all life, and the cosmos was created by God.  The basis of this theory is that; God indeed created Earth, and all living creatures, but, and this is a huge but; man somehow evolved from the Ape–I thought, when something evolves from, or out of something else, then the ‘something else‘ becomes non-existent, right?  Here’s a perfect example; a butterfly comes from a caterpillar, but once the butterfly emerges, the caterpillar no longer exists, right?  So, if humans evolved from apes–why are there still apes in existence? Furthermore–why have we yet to see this metamorphosis occur?  Ijs.

In conclusion, and as I previously stated, the definition of life, in my opinion, depends on your beliefs, and your decisions and actions, so you take that and draw your own results.  Thanks again for reading and supporting my work, you’re always appreciated.

— F. Kenneth Taylor


10 thoughts on “Life: What Is It? Pt II: Creation Explored

  1. When there was void, perhaps chaos of material, God created order in it. The problem with men is that they would love to see a man as they recognise a man in this century. The Bible contradict not a certain evolution in world history. But man was not created from an ape. But the first man (Adam) and mannin (Eve) would not have had to run on two legs and be like renaissance figures. It is wrong to suppose that the Bible would say that they ran on their two ‘legs’, they also could have moved on their four limbs (more probably) in a skin which was covered with much more hair than we know man know.
    The Bible does also not say that dinosaurs would not have existed. This is a problem of very conservative Christians who do not read clearly in the Holy Scriptures or do not want to understand what is written in it. Creationism is only one site of a certain group of Christians, but there are a lot more Christians who do recognise what happened in the history of times.

  2. You were doing so well cousin…up until the portion about evolution! The Theory of Evolution does NOT say that there is a creator, nor does it say that man came from apes.

    It DOES however state that current man (homo-sapiens) and current apes, share a common ancestor. This means that each set off on a different evolutionary path leading us to where we are today. Most people do not understand this part of evolution. Additionally evolution is everywhere. When one species develops behavioral or physical adaptations to survive in a particular environment…that is evolution on a smaller scale.

    The evolution that changes one species to another happens over tens of thousands of years.

    Your explanation of the Big Bang was one of the best layman versions I’ve seen to date. Great read…keep writing!

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