POETRY: I Wish (strictly for the ladies)

This one is strictly for the ladies!

I wish. . .

Wish I could have you. . .

All to myself,

If only for a night,

No interruptions. . .No secrecy,

I’ll hold you,

Closer, tighter,

Than ever before,

Kiss the heart of your soul,

The essence of your being,

Your soft lips,

The nipples of your breasts,

Your navel,

The valley of your sweet nectar,

The crevice of your Apple Bottom,

And as the candles flicker,

We’ll make passionate love,

I’ll stroke you gently,

Any. . .every way you desire

I wish. . .

Wish I could shower you with treasures,

Fulfill your dreams,

Supply your every need, your every want,

And grant your every wish,

I wish. . .

Wish I could be. . .

Your tears of joy,

Your peace,

The reason you smile,

The reason you laugh,

The beat of your heart,

I wish. . .

Wish you knew how much I need you,

Want you,

I Wish you knew. . .

The endless depth of my love. . .

For you. . .

I wish


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