10 Things Men Wish Women Knew

I wrote this article to let women get a peek into the minds of men and our take on a few popular issues surrounding relationships.  At first, I thought it would simply be a “fun” and easy piece to write about, but once I got started, I seriously had to think about things.  Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy it.

10 – Come On To Us Sometimes:

Ladies, men love for a woman to flirt with them, I can’t stress that enough.  Granted, tradition has taught us that the man is supposed to approach the woman, but look at society today—many of our traditions are no longer in play—Why should this one be any different?  Men enjoy the thought of a woman finding us so attractive, that she’s compelled to make the first move and introduce herself and ask to exchange phone numbers.  You don’t realize how much that really brightens our day.  Sometimes all it takes is a nice compliment; believe it or not, chivalry is a two-way street.

9 – Stop Trying To Read Between The Lines:

This is a huge problem for couples.  Ladies, you analyze entirely too much, and many times with results so inaccurate we’re left thinking. . . “What the hell!?” or “Where and how did she come up with that!?”  Ladies, please don’t read in between the lines—there’s nothing there.  Here’s an example; Your parents are having a cookout, and we tell you we’d rather not go, you take it as us having a problem with your parents or something—Wrong!  It means we don’t feel like going.  9 of 10 times we say what we really mean, there’s no alternative motive or hidden agenda, so stop trying to read in between the lines because 9 of 10 times—You’re wrong.

8 – We’re Not Hard To Please:

Real men place high value on the little things.  We value the fact that you even thought enough of us to say or do something special for us.  The new $100 tool set is more valuable to us then the $500 watch you broke yourself buying.  Realize our biggest joy is knowing that we’re making you happy and keeping you satisfied, so outside of marriage and a family, the best thing you can do to please us, is to let us know we’re pleasing you.

7 – Stop Telling Our Business:

This one’s tricky.  We know you have that one friend or relative you’re really close to and confide in often, but don’t tell them everything about us!  Ladies, you are 100% guilty of this!  You’re so quick to reveal personal and intimate things we share, when its no one’s business but ours!  Stop thinking just because they’re family, or you’ve known them since you were kids, its okay—Its not!  In most cases this person doesn’t confide in you at all!  Nonetheless, you get mad at us when we point it out.  Eventually you start believing them, as if their two cents matters, especially when they have less then half of the facts!  This person is usually a best friend that hasn’t had a man in years, or your brother that can’t hold a job more than two months.  Once again, when we confront you about this, you get angry with us.  I hope now you understand why we get so upset when this person confronts us on your behalf, not knowing the money you just loaned them came from ‘our’ pockets!  Long story, short—We just want our personal business to stay personal and between us.

6 – Telling The Truth:

This is another good one.  So many times women want men to be truthful, but when we do, you either don’t believe us or get mad.  This is why we keep so many things to ourselves (not the same as lying).  The old saying is true; “You can’t handle the truth!”.  Ladies, if you ask us to be truthful about something; A – Don’t get mad, this what you asked for.  B – Realize you may not like the answer.  C – Know whether good or bad, its indeed, the truth.  D – If you think or know you’ll have a problem with any of the these—Don’t ask!

Now The Top 5!

5 – Stand By Your Man:

Ladies, we’re a team; you and me, a united front no one can divide.  With that in mind, know that we have your back, no matter what.  If we’re at a social gathering and you voice something that’s either factually wrong, etc… as your man, and while we’re in public, I’m standing by your side; but when we get home, I’ll say, “Baby, you were wrong”.  Do the same for us.

4 – Talking Dirty:

You can earn major bonus points here, ladies!  We absolutely love for our woman to talk dirty to us!  Don’t confuse this with ‘flirting’, this is way above flirting!  This is a sure way to get and keep us aroused and keep the intimacy level up in the bedroom.  Men love a woman with a sense of boldness in her, that’ll say all the sexy and sexual things we wanna hear.  The more you talk dirty to us, the more we’ll be enticed to do the same, and eventually we’ll step up our ‘bedroomgame’.  Sex and intimacy isn’t the most important thing in a relationship, but it is very important!  Besides, we all love it!

3 – We’re Not Perfect:

Another simple one, we’ll never be the ‘Perfect Gentlemen’ or ‘Prince Charming’, or an upgraded version of your ex.  First of all, no one’s perfect, however, I have been told I’m very charming, but I’m far from a prince.  We’re not your ex (unless its our 2nd time around), besides, he’s an ex for a reason, right?  It may take time and trial and error for us to realize or catch on to a few things, so just be patient, we’ll get it eventually.  What I’m saying is; we’ll make our share of mistakes, but know it’s not intentional, and we’re giving it our all.

2 – Get To Know Me:

Try not to follow along with all the common stereotypes placed on men.  Just because I’m not with the mother of my child doesn’t mean I’m a ‘deadbeat dad’, or we don’t get along.  Just because I live in a rough neighborhood, doesn’t mean I’m a product of it; I’m not in a gang, and I’m not a criminal.  Just because I live in the suburbs doesn’t mean I’m ‘paid’ or have rich parents.  Just because I’m unemployed doesn’t mean I’m not doing anything with my life.  In other words, take time to get to know me and see who I really am.

Finally. . . .Number 1!

1 – Men Have Feelings Too!

Okay, I know it’s hard to believe, but yes, men have feelings too!  Because we’re viewed as the strong one, the provider, defender, women often think nothing can cause us emotional harm—Not true.  We appear that way because in most situations we have to be, think about it; When mom can’t get ‘Little Billy’ to behave, what does she threaten him with?  Telling his father, rightLadies, when you hear that ‘bump-in-the-night’, who investigates?  We do, right?  In light of all that, men still share many of the same emotions as women.  We’re easily hurt by the women closest to us; our wives and fianceés, long-term girlfriends, etc…  More than anyone else, you have the ability of hurting us the most, but this is often overlooked because again, we’re not supposed to have feelings; its considered a sign of weakness.  Actually, its probably our strongest strength.  A man that can reveal his emotions or feelings and still maintain his masculinity is a ‘true’ man.  Just keep that in mind.  Hope this shed light on a few things, and you enjoyed the reading!

— F. Kenneth Taylor


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