Blacks Are Lazy!

Yes, you read the title correctly–I said–Blacks are lazy! What do I mean? Well, we want for nothing. And I don’t mean that in the sense, that all our needs, wants, and desires are already met; I mean it in the sense, that we always want something for nothing in return. Let me give you a few examples.

We want a new house…but we don’t want to pay the 3% to 10% required down payment. We want the new Cadillac…but not the full coverage insurance you need to drive it off the dealer’s lot. We want the new iPhone, but only if we know someone that can give us the ‘hookup’. We want a new job…but we don’t want to get up everyday and look for work or go back to school for specialized training. Lazy.

Way too often, Blacks want, and at times, expect a handout. We always want something handed to us, and quite frankly–Its sickening! There’s only a select few of us that’s actually willing to work hard to obtain the things we want, desire, and need. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Blacks would rather travel the smooth, paved road that goes in circles, rather than the rocky, unpaved one that’ll lead them to achieving their goal. Once again–Lazy.

Why are we plagued with this contagious infection, and what are we doing about it, if anything? If you find yourself getting mad about this article, then I suppose I’m talking to you, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll actually get mad enough to do something about it. I hope this piece has peaked an interest to you, prompted you to change, help someone else change, and/or learn more. If so, then you should reserve a copy of my next book, “The Unwanted Truth…About Black America”, scheduled to be released with Lulu Enterprises Inc/Lulu Press Inc ( in Summer 2013. In the book, I discuss this topic and many more such as the importance of family, societal stereotypes/prejudices, self-degradation, and much more. Again, I thank you for reading, appreciate your interest in my work, and welcome all thoughts and comments.

–F. Kenneth Taylor



3 thoughts on “Blacks Are Lazy!

  1. I agree and also disagree, because I don’t think this is just a issue of one group. I think the society we live in is all about fast, quick and the speed of microwave. If it feels good, do and so much more. Things come too easily to, too many and too much is given too soon. There is a price to be paid and to often the cost want to be avoided.

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