Writing 101: Today’s Lesson: Researching

I apologize for being late with this week’s, Writing 101; I usually try to post a new one every Sunday, but here it is Tuesday morning.  This past week and a half has been pretty hectic; I had a friend in from out of town, I was in the process of switching jobs, and just bought a car, so I’ve had quite a bit going on.  Anyway, for this week; Week 3, I wanted to talk about, researching.  So let’s get to it.



Researching is another one of those, not-so-fun aspects of writing, but greatly enhances the quality of your work, and can also establish you as a very credible and reputable writer.


As I just mentioned above, two big reasons why you should research before beginning certain writing projects is because, it’ll enhance your work and gain you more credibility as a writer.  In addition to that, researching is one of a writer’s most valuable tools — and weapons.  When you research, you inadvertently gain knowledge, and therefor, you’re self-educating yourself which is always a good thing.  Research can always give your work an excellent foundation; meaning, someone may disagree with something that you wrote, but it’ll be very difficult for them to prove your work to be erroneous, false, or simply opinionated when you’re stating facts — its very difficult to debate facts.  So why should you research again? — Because you gain knowledge and self-educate yourself, because researching enhances the quality of your, because researching can establish you as more credible and reputable writer, because as a writer, at one point of another, researching sooner or later, becomes a necessity, and one of your best tools and weapons.


Traditionally, people in general, as well as writers, have often associated researching as tedious, time-consuming reading and studying — Not true!  Yes, some researching may require you to read and study boring material, but it doesn’t necessarily have to.  There are numerous ways to research; as mentioned, you can read and study information, but you can also watch videos, documentaries, listen to CDs, attend seminars, take a college course, interview or ask someone knowledgeable in the subject you need to research — how you research, or how, in-depth your research is — is entirely up to you.


You can research before everything or every piece of work you write if you choose to — or not, again, its all up to you.  Some people, and a lot of writers think you only need to research before writing something non-fiction — That’s not true either.  I.E., my last book, “Aftermath: A Saga Begins”, a complete, 100% fictional story, I did a ton of research!  But in several, non-fiction, automotive, D.l.Y articles I wrote, I didn’t research at all!  Why?  Because some of the things my book revolves around, I wasn’t too educated on, and I wanted my story to be believeable, so I researched by reading, studying, and talking to people who knew more on the subject than I did.  I didn’t research the non-fiction, automotive, D.I.Y projects, because I’m a mechanic by profession — I have a 1oyr automotive repair background — It wasn’t necessary for to research something I was already educated on, and knew to be true and factual.  In short — You can research whatever you choose to.  Well, I hope this information helps!  Don’t forget, please share your thoughts and comments, I always like to read feedback!  Thanks for reading and your support!

— F. Kenneth Taylor


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