POETRY: Fallen Poet {Tupac Tribute}

With today being Tupac’s  birthday, I thought it would be fitting to publish this post — A poem I wrote some years ago as a tribute. I just decided to add a video and a couple pics to spruce the post up a bit. Thx for checkin’ it out!

Tupac Amaru Shakur: 1971 – 1996

Sometimes when I’m at home alone,

I sit back,

Blaze aNewport, and zone,

Play “2Pacalypse Now”,

Like a timeless classic,

Flashback to your death,

Damn!. . .

How tragic,

Reflect on your life, your rhymes,

I see a young black man,

Way ahead of his time

You were loved by millions,

From the streets of the east,

To the streets of “California”,

Taught us “Life Goes On”,

And kept walking,

Even though,

You saw “Death Around the Corner”,

We felt your cries,

When you screamed—“Dear Mama”,

Deep inside, wondered why,

You were consumed,

By pain, heartache, and drama,

We felt your anger, when you lashed out,

Spoke your enemies’ names,

Declared war,

So there’ll be no doubt,

And when your time came,

A nation mourned,

Begged for your return,

Like Christ.—The Reborn

A coward dies a thousand deaths,

A soldier dies but once“,

Famous last words,

Misunderstood by society,

The fueling for “Me Against the World”,

So “Toss It Up”,

Cause “Heaven Ain’t Hard To Find”,

But a “Rose, That Grows From the Concrete”,

Is truly, one of a kind

“How Long Will They Mourn Me?”,

“From the Cradle to the Grave”,

So “Pour Out A Little Liquor”,

When times are rough,

Sip the “Thug Passion”, “Keep Your Head Up”. . . .

“If you could make it through the darkest night,

There’s a brighter day”,

Words To My First Born

Tupac Amaru Shakur: Poet of Life

On the day of death,

Politicians rejoiced,

For their single most fear was no more,

A young black man,

That could hold the country hostage,

At the tone of his voice,

With glee in they eyes,

They celebrated your demise,

But for us,

It was like our greatest soldier committed suicide,

A million and one individual souls cried,

Makaveli’s introduced,

And the rumors spread like an evil plague,

Are you really dead?

Are you inJamaica, sippin Daiquiris?

Sittin under palm trees,

Plottin’ on your enemies?

We listen for clues in your music,

And everybody think they got it figured out,

But unless you hold a press conference. . .

Is it really reason to doubt?

Nearly two decades later,

We still show you “Unconditional Love”,

No question about it—we truly miss you,

16 years later,

Still wiping our eyes with tissue,

That ain’t the issue,

No matter how long you’ve been gone,

Your legacy will always live on,

Your name will always shine,

I’m sorry L.L — Tupac’s The Greatest of All Time

R.I.P. Tupac Amaru Shakur—Jun.16.1971-Sept.13.1996


5 thoughts on “POETRY: Fallen Poet {Tupac Tribute}

  1. Anityme I heard ur songs or I viewed ur pictures I felt bitter insid if. G0D knows uu will die at 25 he shouldn’t have created uu or bring uu into life uu inspired mee a lot lesane parish crooks I love yah hopin 2 see uu up dear..r I p tupac r I p kadafi..

    1. I could tell you’re a TRUE fan, you know his REAL name – most people don’t know that, like they don’t know that Billy Garland is Tupac’s biological father. Thanks for reading & commenting

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