POETRY: What If?

This is a poem I wrote in 2008, that I believe still has significant meaning today, and continues to be one of my favorites, but tell me what you think.

“What If?”

What if everything you thought, was. . .


What if life is death,

And we’re already dead?

What if there’s no God,

And we’re trapped in Hell?

What if we’re still in the womb?


Waiting to be conceived,

What if?

What if you could turn back time?

Stop 9/11?

Change an election?

End a war?

Bring soldiers home?

Save a nation?


What if there we no abortions?

I would be a father,

I would be a father,

I would be a father,

What if you could save lives?

What if?

What about The Bible?

The Book of Revelations?

What if we’re months away from Armageddon?

The Apocalypse?

What if today’s your last day?

Your last breath, a breath away?

What are you thinking now?

What if you could change your fate?

What if it’s inevitable,

And you know it’s no escape,

What if?


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