POETRY: Curves

This is one of my older, but favorite poems, so check it out and tell me what you think.

I’m in love. . .

With you sundress,

When the wind comes around,

The curves of your cleavage,

Makes me wanna rip off your,

Shirt, dress, or blouse,

Best believe,

Your curves got me aroused,

I love the curve,

Of your Apple Bottoms,

The curve of the arch in your back,

The curve of your lips,

When you go down low,

Kiss me, kiss me, kiss, me,


I love the curve of your eye lashes,

When you lose control,

And your eyes roll closed,

The curve of your legs,

Wrapped around my waist,

The curve of your tongue,

Dippin’ down my throat,

The curves of your naval,

When I lick you down slow,

Yes indeed,

Please believe,

Your curves got me intrigued,

You’re well conceived,

Did you sprout from some seed?

Are you some new breed?

There’s only one place I wanna be

Baby, don’t get mad at me,

Sweetheart, I’m all man,

So naturally, I’m fascinated,

Fascinated with female anatomy,

Fascinated. . .

With your curves


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