“Which Side of The Force Is More Powerful?”

This is one of my favorite articles due to the fact I’ve been a Star Wars fan every since I was a kid!  I wrote this article for fun and to take a break from all the “heavy” and serious stuff.

Adult Ahsoka Tano

I just want to start by saying that I’m a huge Star Wars fan, and thought this would be a fun topic to write on, as well as a break from all the deep, philosophical articles.  Even though I was only about 3 years old in 1977 when George Lucas first took us to a galaxy far, far, away; I remember going to the drive in with my parents and older sister like it was yesterday.

Some people seem to think that lust for power is what drove Anakin to the Dark SideWrong!  Anakin’s love for Padmé is what turned him to the Dark Side; he was trying to save her from dying during childbirth, rememberSenator Palpatine convinced Anakin the only way to do that was from a “power” only obtained by learning the ways of the ‘Dark Side’ of the Force.  Once Anakin became Darth Vader and realized Padmé was dead, then, he turned towards gaining power.  What else did he have?  Padmé was the only person he truly cared about and the only thing that kept him grounded, and now she was dead.  Okay, now the article.  As I mentioned, I wanted to do this for fun, so I’m not trying to get too technical or real in-depth, just sticking to the basics, and doing my best to keep it simple.

Yes, Jedi are quick and agile with keen senses; and once peed off; will definitely make your day go completely wrong!  But unfortunately, their ‘Light Side’ powers are limited, and much of their lethal reputation stems from their Lightsaber skills.  However, their Lightsaber skills are questionable as well.  A Bounty Hunter is considered a serious threat to a Jedi.  Remember Obi-Wan’s fight with Jango-Fett?  Even before he lost his Lightsaber during the confrontation, Obi-Wan was still unable to defeat Jango.  Years later, Boba-Fett, Jango’s son (for those who didn’t know), gave Luke a bit of a hassle in Return of the Jedi.  Jedi powers through The Force include; accelerated running and jumping abilities, mind control (only on the weak minded), a sense of imminent danger, self-healing capabilities (Qui-Gon did this in Episode I while fighting Darth Maul), and the ability to move objects through telekinesis.  Another Light Side power that I’ve only seen Yoda perform, is “absorption”; this is when Yoda harnesses the lightning in his palms and redirects it back at the Sith Lord.  I hate to say it, but the Light Side powers are pretty lame!

The Dark Side of the Force is definitely more powerful; they have all the Jedi capabilities, plus, the ever-so-cool and infamous “mid-air choke hold”, and the lightening strike, although The Emperor and Count Dooku are the only ones I’ve actually seen do it.  As compensation for the Jedi’s healing capability, Siths can draw ‘life’ or ‘energy’ from an aggressor, and they also have a temporary ‘invincibility’ power, which last for a very short timeframe.  In case you’re wondering, I had to go beyond the movies to find out about some of the powers.

When you really think about it, Siths and Dark Jedi are more skilled than the average Jedi, both physically, and Force-wise (is that really a term? Force-wise).  When dueling, most Siths are usually double-teamed by Jedi, and live at least once or twice to tell about it.  Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon double-teamed Darth Maul in Episode I on Naboo at Padmé’s palace. Obi-Wan and Anakin later double-teamed Count Dooku in Episode II and again in Episode III, in which Anakin completely massacred Dooku after Obi-Wan was knocked unconscious.  Master Windu, who ranks second to only Yoda, confronted “Senator Palpatine”, aka “The Emperor”, aka Darth Sidious, with the help of three other Jedi; do I need to mention how that little get together ended?  Let’s just put it like this; The Emperor was the last man, Jedi, Sith, or Sith Lord standing—and alive, for that matter.  Yoda, the most powerful Jedi (and the shortest) had a difficult time dueling with him in Episode III and ultimately had to mark that one under the “L” column.  Remember how easily Palpatine used The Force to hurl the flying ‘what-chu-ma-call-its’ at him, and how much concentrating Yoda had to do to send, just one, back at him?  Yeah, I really have to go with the bad guys on this one!

FYI. . .May the Force be with you.


One thought on ““Which Side of The Force Is More Powerful?”

  1. Excellent piece. What can I say but jedi will still win at the end, more so with duty of selfishness. Sith at the end only motivation is power for themselves to which they would never have the type of allies, friendship that a jedi would have. The community will always defeat an individual and the sith would be in the end truly alone.

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