“Shadow Within the City”: Release Date Aug. 2012

Ok, so there’s a new superhero on the horizon, or should I say, semi-reluctant, anti-hero, on  the horizon…Yeah, that’s more accurate.  His name is–‘ShadowKill‘, but you can call him what everyone else does–Yosul [yo-sool].

In the very near future, by way of Haiti, he hails from Midwest City, formerly St. Louis, MO.  Yosul’s story begins with his life in Haiti, during his enlistment as a military soldier of the HDF, Haitian Defense Force.  One day, Yosul involuntarily becomes the Guinea-pig of a top-secret, genetic experiment that gives him the ability to transform from a ‘human‘ state of being, into a ‘shadowbeing.  That’s right…this guy changes into a deadly, villain-killing, shadow!

This experiment also gives Yosul an entire host of ‘powers‘ and special or enhanced abilities–but it comes with a down side as well.  During the experiment, Yosul is taken away from his family and life in Haiti, and develops amnesia, and one day finds himself in Midwest City, with practically no clue of how he arrived there.  He’s haunted by nightmares revealing increments of his past life, and suffers from migraines with 10 times the pain of any average one.

Yosul soon finds a mentor, a Dr. Anthony Payne, who learns his secret, and teaches him to control his ability.  As Yosul becomes more in-tune with ‘ShadowKill‘, Dr. Payne begins to educate him of the high level of political unrest, conspiracy, and corruption sweeping over Midwest City.  Yosul, Dr. Payne, and several others including a rough-around-the-edges detective for MCPD, Glenn Higgins, embark on a high-stakes crusade to annihilate the tyranny plaguing their city and home.

Don’t get it twisted, this isn’t the average, goody-too-shoo, superhero story. . .Definitely NOT for kids!  If you’re into the whole, ‘dark-comic‘ and ‘anti-hero‘ thing, then you’ll love. . .”Shadow Within the City!”

Created by K.G. Bethlehem and Joel [yo-elle] Charles

Written by F. Kenneth Taylor and K.G. Bethlehem

Based of the 2003 dark comic release; ‘ShadowKill



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