“I Think I’m Addicted To Full Body Massages!”

Ok, so I have a pretty good friend that has her own massage and spa business, that I spend time with a couple days a week.  We usually walk a few miles at the track at the local Jr. College here, then sit and chat, or go somewhere for lunch, etc, etc…  She’s gone to school, and has been trained and certified as a professional Massage Therapist, so she knows what she’s doing.  Long story short, she’s been owing me one for a while, well actually she owed me two, so I cashed in on the first one today, and. . .WOW!!  It felt soooo great!

Now mind you, this was my first time receiving a professional massage, and as the title says, I think I’m addicted to full body massages now!  The atmosphere and mood was just right; the room temperature was nice and cool, dim lights, and soft music, it doesn’t get much better than that! It felt so exhilarating, relaxing, and like a breath of fresh air, almost like the moment you first step out the shower and dry off; it was that type of freshness and exhilaration!  She massaged parts of my body I almost didn’t know were there (get ya mind out the gutter!), and I could feel each muscle and part of my body suddenly, but gracefully being overcome with an exuberant and soothing sensation.

Afterwards, I just laid on the table for a while chatting with her, as I fought the urge to just close my eyes and drift off to sleep.  This was such a wonderful experience, I see why so many people get massages on a regular basis; not only are they good for your health, but again, they feel absolutely stupendous!  I strongly encourage anyone who has never had a professional massage to run out and get one. . .ASAP!

— F. Kenneth Taylor


3 thoughts on ““I Think I’m Addicted To Full Body Massages!”

  1. I share your sentiments. I have been receiving massages once every two weeks for the past few months from the same person. She knows my body so well, and it is so relaxing, I end up falling asleep every time now. And her being extremely attractive is a bonus.

    The massages are to help loosen my muscles from my workouts, but they have also helped form an unspoken bond and closeness with my masseuse. I honestly believe I am addicted and will continue to go every two weeks, but I think this is the good kind of addiction.

  2. There is nothing wrong with a good body massge. Relaxing, it can almost put you in a mediate state, especially with the right performer.

    Glad you enjoyed yours man, relaxation for a writer is good for the craft…

    And good for the souls as elders would say..

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