“Are Jehovah Witnesses Using Kids As A New Tactic?”

Okay, so today’s Saturday, its 10:30 am, I’m sitting at home, checking my Facebook Wall, and I hear a knock at my front door.   I know I’m not expecting anyone, so I instantly wonder who could it be.  So I check the peephole, and see a lady and a girl dressed in their Sunday Best (on Saturday), with Bibles and pamphlets in hand–Jehovah Witnesses.

My first mind was to not answer the door because, 1.) I was a hot mess! Lol! Still in PJs, hair not combed, etc, etc…  2.) I just didn’t want to hear it, you know, their message, not that I have anything against it, I just don’t like the way they come to your doorstep trying to practically force their belief system onto you, while boldly prying, and basically belittling yours, whatever it may be.  Nonetheless, I opened the door anyway, and I really think its because of the girl, who was the one who had knocked and rang the doorbell.

The girl, who looked to be no older than 10 to 12yrs old, introduces herself and the adult lady with her, whom I’ll just call, Sister So-And-So, because I really didn’t pay attention to the names, and then she immediately goes into their little script or spill, with Sister So-And-So standing a couple steps behind her simply smiling.  Yes, that’s right, the little girl is giving the presentation!

So the girl asks me about my views on religion and politics, and do I think about them!  Yes, that’s right, this lil’ 10, 11, or possibly 12yr old girl, pretty and articulate as she was, just tried to engage me in a conversation about religion and politics!  Really!?  I’m sorry, but I don’t even engage in that conversation with most intelligent adults, let alone, a 10 to 12yr old!  It’s just not gonna happen!  So now I’m pissed, and I throw Sister So-And-So a look like…”Are you fuckin’ serious!?”  And she just keeps smiling, then kinda tilts her head downward, breaking off our eye contact.

I don’t wanna be a dick to the little girl, who’s still waiting for me to answer the question, so I smile and tell her I think about it a lot, but its not something I openly discuss because my views and thoughts are…’different‘.  The girl looks puzzled for a moment, and Sister So-And-So steps in and says, “Oh, you must have deep conversations about that then, that’s interesting.”  I looked at her again, with a look that said exactly what I was thinking, which was. . .”No bitch, I’m not talking to you, I’m talking to the girl, so keep standing there and shut the hell up!” Needless to say, I guess Sister So-And-So got the message because she didn’t say anything else.

Meanwhile, the little girl struggles for a reply, and doesn’t find one, and just stutters and stumbles into the next part of the spill–which is where she refers to scripture, and flips open the Bible, and reads a short verse.  Once again, I throw Sister So-And-So that look, and she avoids it.  So the little girl wraps everything up by finishing the verse, and giving me two pamphlets, which at first, I started not to take, but again, I simply took them because I didn’t want to be mean to the her.  So then Sister So-And-So says, “So, it’ll be okay if she comes back and sees how you like them?”  Again, I want to say “No” but I don’t because of the little girl, so then a car timely and slowly pulls up in front of my house, obviously with them, and they say their goodbyes and head towards the car.

Okay, so here’s my thing. . .Had I looked through the peephole and saw two adults standing there, like I said earlier, I either, would’ve never opened the door, or, would’ve quickly cut them off, shut em’ down, and made it clear to  not to come back, and I would’ve shut the door.  But, because Sister So-And-So had thrown the little girl on the ‘frontlines‘, so to speak, it kinda threw me, and they were allowed a ‘pass‘ to be heard because I simply had compassion for the little girl, and as I stressed before–I didn’t want to be rude to her.

In my opinion, I think for JWs to use kids like that is despicable!  They know, through past experience, that a majority of the people they approach are not interested in hearing what they have to say, so now they’re throwing kids, not mid, or late teens, but, kids, in the forefront, as a sort of ‘mercy‘ move or tactic! That’s a new ‘low‘ if you ask me, or even if you don’t, and it’s definitely unfair to the child(ren) they’re using, because I’m sorry, but no child can coherently maintain or comprehend even a brief conversation with an adult about religion and politics!  In conclusion, I just have one, simple message to JWs—If this is a new ‘tactic‘, ‘strategy‘, or whatever the hell you want to call it–Stop it!  Now!  Be adults, and do it yourself!  Stop using, forcing your kids to be ‘pawns-of-mercy‘ because some people may not be as ‘nice‘ to them as I was, then what are you gonna do?  Or maybe I won’t be as nice next time, and again. . .Then what are you gonna do?  Nothing, but get out my face!  You better think about what you’re doing!

— F. Kenneth Taylor


17 thoughts on ““Are Jehovah Witnesses Using Kids As A New Tactic?”

  1. As a woman who escaped this destructive cult in her teen years, I applaud you for recognizing their tactics. My ex sister in law thought it was fate when they showed up with her door with a message about life after death (Resurrection) about 2 weeks after she had buried her husband. I explained to her that before going door to door, there was some strategizing, and part of that was scanning the obituaries for vulnerable people who might respond more to their message.

  2. Very good points you make, but I’m sorry to have to tell you that the JW’s have been using children for a long time. This little girl has probably been indoctrinated her entire life and has received thorough training at her Kingdom Hall as to what to say and rebuttals to use when you argue any of her points. My husband was only 10 years old when he was baptized as a Witness which is like signing a contract because if you ever decide that you don’t believe it anymore (or grow up into an adult with rational thinking skills) you will be disfellowshipped (shunned). I understand your anger because I share it too.

    1. ResilientRosie,

      Thank you for replying, and I believe you’re right; the little girl has probably been trained over and over again her entire (short) life, and I’m sure this is nothing new, still very sad

  3. I used to be “that little girl”, except that I have a penis. I was raised as a JW, and I explicitly remember saying the same words she said to you, trying to “challenge” the person answering the door. My hope was that the person at the door would be a dope, providing a series of grunts and scratching motions in reply to my “deep” spiritual inquiries. Luckily, for me, I was intelligent as a born-and-bred JW youth. I could contend with most answers given, and didn’t need the support of my accompanying “Sister/Brother Sew-and-Sew” (I LOVE THIS). Often, my replies would leave my adult contemporaries reeling and consulting their own literature. Needless to say, I never actually converted anyone in all my years.

    Now, I’m a happy, fulfilled and very satisfied ex-JW. 🙂 But, they’re still fun to play with at times.

  4. Of course they use their kids, it’s a great marketing tool! All you have to do is get down to the child’s level and tell them that ‘God’ loves everyone, even people that aren’t JWs, and he doesn’t care if you want to celebrate your birthday or color paper hearts on Valentine’s day, God has bigger things to worry about. Grow up and be happy.’ Put some doubt into the child, also, see how long it takes them to drag their kid off your doorstep. They ARE despicable!

  5. Very interesting comparison: girl scouts selling cookies! sounds like a “tactic” that many institutions have been using for some time now; girl scouts, school fundraisers, and even advertisements. There’s something about kids that gets to you to buy stuff or listen, in your case.

  6. A very impressive way of handling it man. I would had done the same thing if I was in your shoes. Who could be mean to a child; i mean seriously?! I guess it is like girl scout cookies. There is no way in hell you would buy them from an adult (unless it is a co-worker at your job then—maybe) but a little girl, hard to say no and keep it moving..

  7. Very true about what they’re doing and I agree that it is not fair to the child. I am so glad you held your feelings and did not crush the little girl. Don’t like some of the strong adjectives you use,but think you expressed a very valid point of view.

    1. Yeah, I know Mama, about the adjectives, I just write it the way things come to me, you know I’ve never really been the one to hold back too much. I think that’s the beauty in writing, for a stranger, or someone on the outside looking in to be able to read something by another stranger, and nearly know what they were feeling when they were writing.

  8. Great post cousin! Good thing they didn’t knock on MY door, lol. I would have given them a dissertation.

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