I’m A Writer!

I joined WP to network, and promote/advertise my work as a writer.  Long story short (I tell it so much, lol!), I started writing 20yrs ago as a teenager, in 2001, I became serious about it after I un-intentionally wrote my first manuscript.  Since then, I written several additional manuscripts, numerous works of poetry, I write online articles on topics ranging from DIY projects to World/Social Events at the Yahoo! Voices & Yahoo! Contributor Network, I also co-wrote and co-illustrated the 2004 dark comic release, “ShadowKill“.

In January, I started 2012 off on an excellent note by publishing my first book, “Corner Pocket”, a fast-paced Urban Drama about finding out who, and what matters most in life.  More recently, just last month in March, to be exact, I followed-up and published my second book, “Aftermath: A Saga Begins”, a true, 100% attention-grabbing Sci-Fi that takes place across the voids of space in the 31st century, and simply refuses to let go!

Order your copy today at www.lulu.com/spotlight/ken74

Thank you for your support.  You can also follow me at…

Yahoo! Voices & Yahoo! Contributor Network

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“Aftermath: A Saga Begins” on Facebook


4 thoughts on “I’m A Writer!

    1. Yes! Thank God! It just takes a lot of dedication, determination, hard work, prayers, and faith in yourself to stick out the rough times! Well worth it in the end! I can’t explain how I felt the first time I actually held that first copy of my first published book (“Corner Pocket”) in my hand!

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