Hello, and thank you for stopping by, I truly appreciate it.  Can I ask you a few questions?

 1. Are you a Small Business owner needing content written for you company’s website?

2. Are you currently seeking a career change and need your resume enhanced/updated?

3. Have you written a book or article that needs editing?

4. Do you need a book review?


I am a passionate, aspiring Self-Published Author and Freelance Writer of multiple styles and genres which expands and enhances my worth, credibility, and audience. I have received 5-star feedback on nearly all previous jobs, usually complete assignments before the deadline; I have swift turnarounds, and remain in good standing with previous clients. I welcome the opportunity to work together.


2015 – Speaking at Gateway Middle School


2012 Skype/Talkin360 Interview with St. Louis Radio Personality, Tony Scott



2001 – Wrote 1st manuscript, “Aftermath
2002 – Wrote 2nd manuscript/book, “Aftermath II: Relentless Intentions”
2002-2004 – Co-wrote/co-illustrated “ShadowKill” Dark Comic Series
2003 – Wrote  3rd manuscript/book, “Corner Pocket”
2004-2010 – Began online article writing; Helium, Yahoo, etc,
2009 – Establishing online presence w/Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
2009-2011 – Began “Shadow Within A City” w/co-author K.G. Bethlehem
2012 – WP – Published “Corner Pocket”, “Aftermath” & “Shadow Within A City”
2013 – Became Freelance Writer                                                                                                         2014 – Published  4th book, “Serpents & Honor” (short-story) – Currently writing sequel to “Aftermath: A Saga Begins”, which will be entitled, “Aftermath II: Relentless Intentions”



– Self-Published Author of 4 books

– Freelance Writer 3yrs

– Writing for 14yrs

– Online Article Writer since 2004

– Former Article-Writer for several online magazines

– Former Book Reviewer for “Reader’s Favorite”

– Former Article Writer for “Fantasy Cars”/”fantasycars.com”

– Co-wrote/co-illustrated 2004 Dark Comic Series, “ShadowKill”

– I own/manage 3 WordPress blogs



Article Writing ~ Editing/Proofreading ~ Resumes ~ SEO ~ Web Content ~ Biographer ~ Book Writing ~ Press Releases ~ Author Interviews ~ Book Reviews & more


Automotive ~ Dating/Relationships ~ Poetry ~ Business ~ Light Politics ~ D.I.Y ~ Spirituality ~ Sci-Fi ~ Urban Drama ~ Dystopia ~ Black History ~ Action/Adventure & more



1. June 2013 — Skype interview by St. Louis, MO Radio Host & Personality, Tony Scott

2. Aug. 2013 — 1st Book Signing/Autograph session

3. Oct. 2013 — KDHX 88.1FM Radio interview by M. K. Stallings

4. Apr. 2014 — blogtalkradio interview by Papaya

5. Feb. 2015 — Guest Speaker at Gateway Middle School (St. Louis, MO)



Guest Speaker at Gateway Middle School

Feb. 19th, 2015

St. Louis, MO



Author Shout Out – April 25th, 2015

St. Louis Library – Schlafly Branch

2pm to 5pm

225. N. Euclid

St. Louis, MO



Do you have any questions for me, contact me in the comments section or email me at. . .



Thank you,

F. Kenneth Taylor


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    • Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to explore the rest of the site. I’m really putting focus & emphasis on my Freelancing, WRITER’S LOUNGE, and SOME’N U’NIQUE portions; check out the posts & articles there, I really think you’ll enjoy them & find them useful. Thanks again!

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